A Quick Meal With Prawns

Sometimes when I come home after teaching, I feel exhausted. How I wish meal is ready for me. Of course, that won’t come true since my husband doesn’t know anything about cooking. ^^

But that kind of situation inspires me to find a way of cooking dishes with one main ingredient.

I am going to share how I cook prawns with tomato sauce, sio peck chye and noodles.

Prawns with tomato sauce:

1. Clean prawns and drain them.

2. Heat oil in the pan.

3. Put the prawns in the pan. Stir fry them. When the downside gets a little burnt browned. Flip them over one by one. And fry the other side. When both sides turn golden brown, the prawns can be taken out. If you want your prawns to taste crunchy, you can stir fry a little longer.

Then you will find oil in the pan turn red. Don’t throw it away. That’s the key to cook the rest two dishes. You can pour it into a bowl and put it aside.

Back to the prawns.

4. Put some tomato sauce in the pan, add a little sugar and salt. Keep stirring. And put the prawns in the pan. Make each prawn coated with sauce. And the sauce will become condensed. Put the prawns into the plate. (If your sauce is too much, you can take the prawn out first. Just keep stirring sauce till it gets condensed. Then pour sauce onto the prawns in the plate. It will keep prawns crunchy.)

Actually, if you think the prawns have strong fishy smell, you can marinate them in cooking wine for a while before frying.
Back to the oil left after frying prawns. I’m not sure whether you are familiar with some green vegetables like Shanghai Green, or Japanese green, or Sio Peck Chye. I think the names are translated according to their Chinese pronunciation. They are like :

They have features like:

Half of them are green leaves.

Easy to cook.

Very cheap. ( only around $1/pack)

I love them since I was a little kid. My father is good at cooking them. Just put oil, chopped garlic and them in the pan, they will become delicious and healthy dish in the plate. I love green vegetables, maybe because I was born in the year of horse. 🙂

Ok! Back to the prawn oil.

1. Put some prawn oil in the pan and heat it.

2. Add a little chopped garlic in hot prawn oil. ( it’s optional, but I heard that a little garlic will make the dish healthier).

3. Put the green vegetables in the pan and stir fry.

Vegetables need to be washed first and root removed.

After stir frying for 1 or 2 minutes, they will be shrunk. Sprinkle some salt.

4. Stir fry evenly for another minute.

It’s really an easy dish. Because the prawn oil is red so it also looks reddish. Quick stir frying will reduce the running off of vitamin in the vegetable.

Green vegetables is truly necessary for me everyday. This stir fry dish is commonly seen on my table. Just usually, I cook them with canola oil. Prawn oil makes them more tasty.
Prawn oil can also be used to cook noodles.

1. Stir fry chopped tomatoes (2 medium ones) with prawn oil. Add a little salt to let the tomato juice come out.

2. Pour in hot water. ( hot water will take less time)

3. When the water starts boiling, put in noodles. ( I put in a pack of udon, 200g). Add some other ingredients you like, such as fish tofu or crab stick.

4. Cook for around 3 minutes. Before turn off the heat, you can also add in some vegetables like cabbage or spring onion.

Prawn oil makes the noodle soup taste good. My husband loves it.

That’s it. Three dishes with prawns. Actually u can cook noodles and stir fry green vegetables at the same time. It took me less than 20 minutes to get them ready.

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