Braised Pork In Brown Sauce

I guess it’s difficult for people to dislike this dish. Its Chinese name is “Hong shao Rou”. “Hong”means red referring to its color dark brown. “Shao” means braised. “Rou” means pork. 
It’s also a typical dish showing up in many celebrating occasions like New Year’s Eve reunion dinner.

Pork better be pork belly with skin. Even though there is fat, after braised for hours, fat will melt in mouth. And skin makes it chewy.

Ingredients: ( for a very small pack of pork around 250g)

Pork ( cut into square shape, even sized)

Ginger slices ( two or three)

Green onion (chopped into medium pieces)

Star anise ( two or three)

Sugar cube ( white sugar is also fine)

Dark soy sauce ( 1 tsp)

Light soy sauce ( 2 tsp)

Cooking wine (2 tsp)

1. Boil water in the pan. Put pork belly squares in boiled water for a while. When pork’s color changes, take them out, rinse and drain.

2. Heat a little oil in the pan. Put in ginger slice, green onion pieces and stir fry a bit. Then add in pork. Stir fry till pork turns a little golden brown. 

3. Add in cooking wine, light soy sauce and dark soy sauce. Stir fry and make each pork piece coated with sauce.

4. Add in hot water covers pork. ( cold water will shrink the pork, so it won’t taste that good).

5. Add in sugar, star anise. And cover the pan with lid. Turn to medium heat and cook for at least half an hour.

6. When the sauce in pan reduces to less than 1/3, turn up the height. 

7. Sauce will become more and more condensed. Keep stir frying to make them coated with sauce evenly. When the sauce is almost dry. The dish is done.

A little secret:

While I waited for the sauce to be condensed, I took some sauce out from the pan and dip bread in it. The bread tasted so good.

My brother is the big fan of this Hong shao Rou. Every time I go back to hometown, he will ask me to cook it for him. He can even have it everyday. No matter when I ask him “what do you want me to cook for you?” His ansawer will always be “Hong shao Rou”. 


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