Candied Sweet Potato

It’s an interesting Chinese dish. I think many Chinese people like it.

1. Chop sweet potato ( I used purple sweet potato, you can also use potato, taro, Chinese yam, Apple, banana) into medium pieces.

2. Heat some oil in the pan. ( more than usual). And fry the sweet potato pieces till they are done. You can test with a toothpick. If it’s soft inside, then it’s ok.

3. Take fried sweet potato out, also take oil out. Just leave a little in the pan.

4. Add in a lot sugar in the pan. I guess I used around 100g white sugar. Heat it with low or medium heat till sugar melts and becomes liquid.

5. Put fried sweet potato in the sugar liquid and make each pieces coated with sugar.

This dish should be ate while it’s hot. Because once it’s cold, it gets solidify.

It’s Chinese name is ” ba si”. Ba means pull, Si means silk. When you take one hot candied sweet potato and pull it, the sugar coat will become thin thread like silk.

People will have fun in having this dish. Also serve one bowl of cold water with it. Because you can dip the long sugar thread in cold water, and it will break easily.

When I was in university, and my friends and I went for for a meal, we often ordered this dish.

My husband didn’t try this dish before. And turned out he loves it. Cos it’s outside sugar coat is crunch, but very soft inside.


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