Scrambled Egg With Shrimps

I still remember when I first tried this dish, I was really surprised. How could egg and shrimps become a dish? And yet tastes so good! Shrimps taste tender while eggs soft. 


Shrimps ( marinated with a little light soy sauce, cooking wine, salt and corn starch)

Eggs 3 (whisk lightly with a little salt and cooking wine)


Spring onion (chopped)

1. Heat a little oil in the pan. Put marinated shrimps in. Quick stir fry till Shrimps become red. And take them out.

2. Put fried Shrimps in egg mixture. And stir evenly.

3. Heat a little more oil in the pan. Pour the egg mixture in.

4. When the bottom egg solidify, Sprinkle chopped spring onion. And quick stir fry. As soon as egg solidify, dish out. 


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