Cola Ginger Tea

My hometown is in Shandong Province, which lies in northeastern part of China. Winter is cold there. When my husband and I visited my family several days ago, my mom caught a cold due to cold weather. She couldn’t stop coughing, sneezing and she had severe running nose. So I made cola ginger tea for her. 

First, I poured half bottle of cola, which is around 1 L into a deep pot. Then put in many ginger slices. If you want the tea to be strong, you can add more ginger. Turn to high heat. When the tea boils, turn to low heat and cover the pot with lid. After around 5 mins, remove the lid, and you will smell strong ginger. It’s done. 

My mom drank a big bowl of warm ginger tea I made. She felt much better. Less sneezing and running nose. 


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