Double Cheese Pizza With Homemade Pizza Sauce

For pizza sauce:

1. Wash 1 cup cherry tomatoes in water. Cut a cross at the bottom of each tomato.

2. Soak tomatoes in boiling water for a little while to make it easy to peel them.

3. Heat a sauce pan. Add in 2 tsp olive oil. When the oil heated, add in 2 cloves chopped garlic. Sauté till aromatic.

4. Add in all the peeled cherry tomatoes. Stir fry and press with spatula or a spoon. It’s fine to have some tomato lumps. That actually makes pizza taste better.

5. Add in 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp dried herbs, 1 tsp sugar and 1 tablespoon tomato sauce. Mix all the ingredients well and set aside to cool down.

I found a very inspiring video on YouTube. And this enthusiastic Italian cook showed everybody how he made a perfect pizza. I just followed his guide.

For the pizza dough:

1 1/2 cup bread flour

1/2 cup warm water (more or less due to different flour)

3 g instant yeast

1 tsp salt.

Mix flour and salt in a bowl. Dissolve yeast in warm water. Pour yeast water into flour. Knead into a dough. If the flour is too sticky, then add more flour. Fold the dough several times. Then place it in a bowl, cover with plastic and let it rise till 2 times big.

Preheat oven to 220 degree C.

Press the dough into a big thin pizza dough. Brush pizza sauce. Sprinkle a little salt. Drizzle olive oil. Grate Parmesan cheese. Then sprinkle mozzarella cheese (I’m always very generous with mozzarella cheese, that’s why my pizza always looks white on the surface. 🙂 ), and basil leaves. Drizzle a little olive oil again.

Into the oven and bake for 7 mins.

The whole kitchen is full of sweet fragrance . It smells so so good.

So far, this is the best pizza I’ve ever cooked. It tastes so so good.

Very soft, and cheesy. Tomato sauce I made has a special texture and adds more flavor to the pizza. Every ingredient works so well.


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