Pine Seeds & Basil Lemon Spaghetti

I cooked this dish just because I have a small pack of pine seeds, lemon and also a small box  basil. 🙂 Toast pine seeds in a pan. Keep low heat. Oil will come out from pine seeds. Toast till they become brownish and the flavor comes out. Cook spaghetti and drain them. Heat a…

Stuffed Mushroom

My husband has a new hobby – gardening. He agreed to plant basil as I always use basil for cooking. Today I asked him to cut off a little basil for me to cook pizza. He gave me a Bunch! So I used some of them to cook this stuffed mushroom. Preheat oven to 170…

Double Cheese Pizza With Homemade Pizza Sauce

For pizza sauce: 1. Wash 1 cup cherry tomatoes in water. Cut a cross at the bottom of each tomato. 2. Soak tomatoes in boiling water for a little while to make it easy to peel them. 3. Heat a sauce pan. Add in 2 tsp olive oil. When the oil heated, add in 2…

Simple Pizza

I couldn’t remember how many times I have made pizza. Because it’s really simple and convenient. All I just need to do is prepare dough in the morning or before I go out. In the afternoon when I get home, I can easily make pizza with prepared dough. And it only takes around 20 mins….

Roasted Chicken Leg With Basil, Tomato & Garlic

1. Put chicken legs in the baking bowl.  2. Spread several basil leaves. 3. Cut small tomatoes into half pieces. And sprinkle in the space of baking bowl with some garlic cloves. 4. Sprinkle salt and black pepper. 5. Spread some olive oil onto all ingredients. Use finger to brush chicken leg with olive oil….