Bismarck Pizza

Last time, when my sister and her boyfriend came to visit us, we went an Italian restaurant for dinner. The restaurant name is Saizeriya. The restaurant claims to serve fusion food of Japanese and Italian. Its rating is 4.7, which is very high on Google and many comments are positive. And the price is very reasonable and affordable. The most important thing is food there is very nice. We tried its pizza, spaghetti, soup, escargot, and ravioli. All are very nice.

There is one special pizza, Bismarck pizza. We tried it for the first time. Pizza looks not very hard to make, since I can tell the main ingredients are pizza dough, cheese, bacon, spinach and egg. Yes! An egg in the middle, that’s why it’s special and also why my husband loves it. Egg is the key part. Although I don’t know exactly how to cook it, I tried to copy the one we had in the restaurant today.

For the pizza dough:

Preheat oven to 200 degree.

I made it in a very simple way. Brush pizza dough with a little tomato sauce. Then sprinkle mozzarella cheese. ( I just tore the mozzarella ball with my hand.)

Cut 2 strips streaky bacon and spread them over pizza dough and make a circle in the middle. That’s the spot where I crack an egg. Sprinkle a little black pepper on the top.

Into the oven for 13-15 mins.

While pizza was baking. I bleach several stalks of spinach in water for 30 seconds. Then soaked them in cold water. Squeeze them very hard to let the water out.

In the last 3 mins, spread cooked spinach over the pizza.

And the Bismarck pizza is done with a beautiful egg in the middle.

My husband loves it.


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