Spinach Omelette

I wanted to try something beside scrambled egg. It’s a really easy dish. All you need are spinach, eggs, cheese, salt, black pepper and oil.

1. Remove root of spinach. Wash them clean and drain.

2. Cut spinach into small pieces. Better be small, cos mine was too long, not very easy to cut.

3. Beat eggs in a bowl. Season with salt and black pepper. Also sprinkle in some cheese.

4. Heat a pan. A small Non sticky pan is better. Add in some oil. Stir fry spinach first. Spinach juice will come out, pour it out. Separate spinach a bit.

5. Pour egg & cheese mixture in. Cover the pan with lid. When the eggs get solidified. Turn off the heat.

6. Place a big plate over the pan. Make the pan upside down to let the omelette out.

You can cut it into smaller pieces before serving .


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