Green Bean Wide Vermicelli, Spinach & Egg Stir-fry

I found a pack of green bean wide Vermicelli in a corner at the small supermarket near my home. I was very curious about it, because it's my first time to see Vermicelli made from green beans. And more surprisingly, it's from Qufu city, Confucius's hometown, and it's also a city next to my hometown.... Continue Reading →


Spinach Salad

1. Clean spinach and cut into halves. 2. Boil enough water in a pot. Also add in 1/2 tsp salt. 3. Boil spinach for 1 min. Then take them out. Rinse in the cold water and drain. 4. Squeeze spinach by hand to squeeze the water out. 5. Place spinach in the big bowl. Add... Continue Reading →

Salmon & Vegetable Soup

It's an easy and very delicious soup. 1. Heat a little oil in the pan. Put in salmon fillet. Fry a bit till the color turns white. 2. Pour in enough hot water. 3. Add in peeled tomato slices ( 1 or 2 small tomato) and medium tofu chunks. I also added in 1 tsp... Continue Reading →

Spinach & Mushroom Egg

Ingredients: Spinach ( put in boiling water for several seconds. Take out. Cool and drain. Then chop into small pieces). Mushroom 1 small onion (chop into shreds) Eggs 2 Salt Black pepper Cummin seed Garlic 2 cloves ( chopped into granules) Red chili (optional) Cheese 1. Heat a little olive oil in the pan. Put... Continue Reading →

Stir Fry Vermicelli With Vegetables

Ingredients: Vermecelli ( cooked in boiling water till almost done, not completely done. Then rinse and drain) Onion shreds  Carrot shreds Spinach ( cooked in boiling water for several seconds. Then squeese the water out and drain) A little chopped ginger 1 tsp light soy sauce 1 tsp dark soy sauce 1 tsp sugar A... Continue Reading →

Easy Vegetable Soup

Vegetables I used includes tomato, shiitake, carrot and spinach. 1. Remove peel of tomato. Chop tomato and carrot into small pieces. 2. Heat a very little oil in the pan. Put tomato pieces in. Stir fry a bit. 3. Add in enough water. Put carrot and shiitake in. 4. Simmer till carrot softens. Because I... Continue Reading →

Scrambled Egg With Spinach

1. Put spinach in boiling water for several seconds. Take them out and drain. While spinach is cool, use hand to squeeze it and let the water out. 2. Heat some oil in the pan. Pour in mixed eggs. Once it solidifies, quick stir fry.  3. Add in spinach and some salt. Quick stir fry... Continue Reading →

Spinach Pancake

Put Spinach in boiling water for several seconds. Then take them out and chopped into granules. Put spinach in a large bowl. Beat in a large egg, half a small bowl of flour, some water, 1 tsp baking soda, some salt and black pepper powder. Mix them well. Heat a little oil in the pan.... Continue Reading →

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