Bacon Asparagus Roll

This dish just came to me when I searched fridge trying to figure out what to cook for lunch. I happened to see bacon and asparagus, and they were waving hands to me. So I decided to eat them. 1. Wash asparagus under water. Remove the bottom. Peel the skin near bottom off. 2. Bleach... Continue Reading →


Clams & Tofu Soup

A very nice and easy soup. 1. Wash clams clean in water. 2. Place clams in a pot. Add in ginger slices and a little salt and water. Boil till all the shells open. Skim the stock. Take all the clams out in a bowl. And set stock aside. 3. Cut bacon into small pieces.... Continue Reading →

Benedict Egg

My husband is a crazy egg lover. He likes onsen tamago, half-boiled egg, scrambled egg, hard-boiled egg...... I can't really tell which egg he doesn't like. So I assume he likes this Benedict egg too. 1. Prepare a big and deep pot. Add in enough water, which must be higher than egg in height. Turn... Continue Reading →

Mushroom Pasta with Bacon

1. Fry bacon. When the bacon is done, take them out. There will be some oil left, use the same pan to fry mushroom. 2. Also add in some chopped garlic, sauté with mushroom till brownish. 3. Add in 3 tablespoon pasta stock. Simmer for 2-3 mins. 4. Pour in 1/2 cup milk. Sprinkle shredded... Continue Reading →

Bacon Scallop Rolls

1. Thaw scallops and wipe with kitchen towel till very dry. 2. Cut bacon into halves. Wrap the scallops with bacon and fix them with toothpick. 3. Heat a little oil in the pan. Fry scallops. Around 2 mins for each side. 4. Also fry the bacon at the edges. 5. Cut in 1 tablespoon... Continue Reading →

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