Clam Soup With Tofu & Egg

Ingredients: Clam meat 1 egg tofu cubes water salt oil Heat a little oil in the pan. Add in clam meat, and stir fry till aromatic. Pour in 2 cups of hot water. Also cut in tofu cubes. Water will become milky white in color. Bring soup to boil. And simmer for 3- 5 mins….

Simple Seafood Linguine

1. Prepare 3 medium tomatoes. Cut a cross at the bottom. Soak them in hot water for a little while, then they can be peeled easily. 2. Chop tomatoes into small cubes. Heat a sauce pan. Add in 1 tablespoon oil, fry 1 chopped onion till transparent. Add in tomato cubes 2 tablespoon tomato sauce,…

Clams & Tofu Soup

A very nice and easy soup. 1. Wash clams clean in water. 2. Place clams in a pot. Add in ginger slices and a little salt and water. Boil till all the shells open. Skim the stock. Take all the clams out in a bowl. And set stock aside. 3. Cut bacon into small pieces….

Seafood Rice

For the seafood, I used frozen mixed seafood including clam, octopus, and shrimp. I also used fresh prawns. 1. Heat some oil in the pan. Put prawns in. Stir fry till done. Then dish them out. 2. Leave the oil in the pan. Heat again. Add in thawed seafood. Stir fry for around 3 mins….

Seafood Spaghetti 

It’s my husband’s birthday today. I cooked him seafood spaghetti and he loved it. I couldn’t find fresh mussel in the supermarket nearby, so I bought a pack of ¬†frozen mixed seafood, which contains octopus and clam. I also used fresh prawns. 1. Heat a little olive oil in the pan. Saute a little chopped…