Bacon Asparagus Roll

This dish just came to me when I searched fridge trying to figure out what to cook for lunch. I happened to see bacon and asparagus, and they were waving hands to me. So I decided to eat them. 1. Wash asparagus under water. Remove the bottom. Peel the skin near bottom off. 2. Bleach... Continue Reading →


Scallop & Asparagus Stir-fry

1. Cut scallops into two thinner pieces. Peel the asparagus and cut them. Also prepare several carrot slices to garnish the dish. 2. Boil a pot of water, add in 1 tsp salt. Blanch asparagus and carrot for 1 min. Rinse under water and drain them. 3. Heat a pan. In with 1 tablespoon oil.... Continue Reading →

Beef & Asparagus Pasta

The pasta I used was pasta with eggs. Wider than linguine. 1. Prepare beef slices and chopped asparagus. 2. Cook pasta according to the instruction. Soak in cold water and drain. 3. Heat a little oil in the pan. Add in beef slices. Quick stir fry with medium-high heat. Bring to brown. 4. Add in... Continue Reading →

Chicken Asparagus Roll

1. Trim asparagus. Heat a pan. Add in a little oil. Fry asparagus for 2-3 mins. 2. Put a boneless chicken leg on cutting board. Flaten it a little with the back of knife. Season with salt and pepper. 3. Put the asparagus on it. Roll it and tie it up. 4. Fry the chicken... Continue Reading →

Asparagus And Shrimp Pasta

1. Heat a little butter in the pan. Put in minced garlic. Stir fry a bit. 2. Add in asparagus. Stir fry till the color turns darker. 3. Put shrimps in the pan. Stir fry with asparagus till done. 4. Spread some salt, black pepper and mix herbs. Stir evenly. 5. Turn off the stove.... Continue Reading →

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