Yesterday, My husband and I went to Gardens By The Bay for Sakura Matsuri Floral Display.

Gardens By the Bay usually holds different floral display activities the whole year. They will display flowers from different places of different seasons. Now it’s spring time, so it’s sakura season.

The floral display is held in flower dome, which needs ticket if you want to go inside. Outside of it is free. You can see the famous skytree and other theme gardens.

Tickets for 2 of us is S$21.6. Even though it’s weekday, there are still many people there.

Sakura trees are not as many as we expected.

Looking from distance, the view is like this:


White sakura and pink sakura. Some are in full blossom while some are still in sprouts.

Petals fall from the tree and drift slowly in the air.


Janpanese Marumado Art



And others


There are more than sakura in Flower Dome.

We also visited the big Fish Aquarium @ Gardens by the Bay. My husband and I stayed there for a long while till it gets dark. We also made the fish video of that big aquarium.

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