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Tunglok Xihe Grandstand Review (Peking Duck)

Tunglok xihe grandstand menu price (With photos)

Today, we went to try out Tunglok Xihe Grandstand’s signature Peking duck. Priced at $66 (whole duck), it is cheaper than Imperial Treasure which we have yet to try. Other than Peking duck, we just ordered one pot of tea (Xiang Pian tea, which is a type of flower tea), which is $2 per person and free-flow. Which was a good decision on hindsight, since one whole Peking duck is more than enough for 2 people. If we had ordered any more dishes, we definitely can’t finish it.

We went on Saturday afternoon, with reservation. Turns out reservation was not really necessary as the place was only half full (Note that this is Saturday, on the week before Chinese New Year). The nearest MRT to Grandstand is Sixth Avenue, though we went by bus 156. The decor of the place is good. Very oriental Chinese style.

Tunglok Xihe uses Irish duck, which is supposedly the best type of duck for Peking duck. I find it softer which is good. Some types of duck can be very hard and tough to chew. Also, Tunglok Xihe uses the authentic Beijing style of cooking duck, which is quite rare in Singapore (more popular is the Cantonese style in Singapore).

The friendly and very skilful chef who slices the duck.

The duck came in less than 15 minutes, which is very fast. The chef will slice it in front of you, so that you can be sure that you are getting a new and full duck. The duck comes with many sauces (traditional sweet sauce and also some exotic sauces like blueberry jam (!!) and crackling sugar. There are also cucumber and onion, and a dumpling skin to wrap the duck with. My wife from Northern China loves the dumpling skin as it is a common type of food in Northern China.

The skin of the duck is so soft it melts in your mouth. You can try it with the different sauces, each has a different effect. The leg meat and the breast meat each have different textures too. Overall, I ate the sweet sauce the most. The exotic sauces I just gave one try to experience it. The Xiangpian tea (free flow) complemented the duck well. Since the duck is by nature a bit oily, it is good to have some tea to dissolve the oil.

In the end, two of us managed to finish the presented Peking duck. It was definitely more than enough for 2 people. There are also other lesser parts of the duck, which the staff will ask you if you want to fry it (add $12). We chose to dabao it (packed in plastic container) instead as we were too full.

After eating, there is a Giant supermarket just nearby (probably the largest Giant I have seen other than the one at Vivocity), where you can buy groceries if you want.

Overall, we give 8/10 for Tunglok Xihe Peking Duck. Overall good ambience, nice food (we can only speak for the Peking duck since that is what we tried). Highly recommended!


My wife’s special arrangement of the duck meat on the dumpling skin.
Another one of my wife’s creative arrangement of the duck.
The leftover duck packed in a container (free).