Red Bean & Barley —A Recipe for People Who Suffers Edema Like Me

Recently, I am suffering serious edema. My figures are swollen. I can not even clench my fist. 

So I started this recipe 2 days ago. Every morning, I grab some red beans and barley and soak them in a bowl. In the afternoon, I pour them in the pot. Add in many many water, and cook till red beans get softened and cooked. It works well for me. At least, my figures are not as swollen as before.

Actually, you can soak red bean and barley for overnight, because red beans need to be soaked for hours. Then the next morning, you can cook them. If you don’t like the taste, you can add a little sugar, which will help make it taste better.

According to Chinese medicine, barley belongs to cold food by its property. So pregnant women shouldn’t eat it. And better not eat it a week before period or during period. And if you suffer constipation, please don’t eat it.

Even without barley, red beans are also helpful to ease edema.


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