Fried Pork Slices in Sweet & Sour Sauce (Guo Bao Rou)

Guo Bao Rou is a classic dish in Notheastern Chinese cuisine. I still remember when going out with my friends to have northeastern cuisine, we would definitely order this Guo Bao Rou.

1. Cut pork into medium slices.

2. Sprinkle salt and a little black pepper. Mix them well.

3. In a small bowl, add in 100g starch (better be potato starch). Then add in water higher than starch. Stir well. Then let it rest for 10-20 mins. Starch will stay in the bottom layer and water in the upper.

Pour the water out.

4. Prepare carrot shreds, scallion shreds, ginger, and minced garlic.

5. Heat some oil in a skillet. Dip pork slices in wet starch and then dry starch. Gently put them in the oil. Deep fry till the shell becomes hard and lightly golden brown.

6. Leave a little oil in the skillet. Heat again. Put all the ginger, garlic, carrot and scallion into skillet. Sauté a bit.

7. Add in 50 g white vinegar and 50 g sugar. Stir gently to let sugar dissolve.

8. When the sauce starts to condense, add fried pork slices into skillet. Keep stirring to let each slice be coated with sweet and sour sauce.

When sauce almost dry, turn off the stove.

Serve hot.


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