To Make Your Dumplings Lace Skirt

As a native northern Chinese girl, I cannot express how much I love Dumplings in words. My husband is on a trip in China. Everyday he would ask me what I had for each meal. He knows my affection towards dumplings, so he ordered some online. Those dumplings were delivered to me the other day. They taste really good no matter boiled or fried.

One of my hobbies is reading recipes on my phone. There are many cooking apps. I like exploring in different recipes, picking some to try. I just happened to find this interesting recipe to dress dumplings with “lace skirt”. Yes! And I tried it. Just cooking for fun. 🙂

I followed the original recipe:

1. Boil dumplings till cooked. You can also choose to steam them or use the left overs.

2. In a bowl, mix water 40g, flour 5g, and very little salt. Mix well till no lumps.

3. Add 15g oil into the bowl. Mix well.

4. My cooking method is different from the original one: Heat a pan, place dumplings in it. When you hear the sizzling, pour flour water into the pan. Turn to low heat and wait till water dried up. The golden brown “lace skirt” will show up. While original recipe is to cook one by one and the “lace skirt” looks much better.

But mine is really crispy. 🙂


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