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粽子 Sticky Rice Dumplings With Red Bean Paste Filling

I’ve made zong zi before. This time, I decided to make some with red bean paste filling.

Main ingredients:

big bamboo leaves

sticky rice

red bean paste

kitchen twine

Bamboo leaves should be soaked in water overnight. Cut off the leaf stalk before wrapping. Sticky rice should also be soaked for hours, I usually soak them overnight.

Use bamboo leaves (1 or 2 ) to make a funnel shape at one end. Add into 1 or 2  tbsp rice, then add in red bean paste as many as you want. 🙂 Top with another 1 tbsp rice. Cover it with the rest bamboo leaf and wrap with twine.

Boil them in pressure cooker for 30mins.

Yum! 🙂

I also tried to use sago instead of sticky rice. If you use sago, better not cook them with pressure cooker, cos sago is much easier to cook.

But I like sticky rice more, sticky rice taste more chewy.


To Make Your Dumplings Lace Skirt

As a native northern Chinese girl, I cannot express how much I love Dumplings in words. My husband is on a trip in China. Everyday he would ask me what I had for each meal. He knows my affection towards dumplings, so he ordered some online. Those dumplings were delivered to me the other day. They taste really good no matter boiled or fried.

One of my hobbies is reading recipes on my phone. There are many cooking apps. I like exploring in different recipes, picking some to try. I just happened to find this interesting recipe to dress dumplings with “lace skirt”. Yes! And I tried it. Just cooking for fun. 🙂

I followed the original recipe:


1. Boil dumplings till cooked. You can also choose to steam them or use the left overs.

2. In a bowl, mix water 40g, flour 5g, and very little salt. Mix well till no lumps.

3. Add 15g oil into the bowl. Mix well.

4. My cooking method is different from the original one: Heat a pan, place dumplings in it. When you hear the sizzling, pour flour water into the pan. Turn to low heat and wait till water dried up. The golden brown “lace skirt” will show up. While original recipe is to cook one by one and the “lace skirt” looks much better.

But mine is really crispy. 🙂

Fried Leek Dumplings

韭菜盒子 is a very popular snack in China. 韭菜 (jiu cai) means leek. 盒子 (he Zi) means box. I think it refers to the Dumplings’ shape.

It’s a quite easy dish to cook. Wrap is made from normal flour and water. Fillings maybe various. Most common combination is leek with egg. (You can also add in dried shrimps, or cooked vermicelli). My mom can make very nice fried leek dumplings. So I asked her about how to make the fillings. And she told me just in one sentence: half egg is raw and the other half is cooked. When my mom teaches me about cooking, her answer is always simplified and short, which is very very different from the mom I know in daily life. :p

I just followed my mom’s instruction. I fried one egg in pan. Then put it in chopped leek with another raw egg. Mix them very well. Season with salt, black pepper, 2 tsp cooked oil and 2 tsp sesame oil. Blend all filling ingredients well.

Divide dough into smaller ones. Just like making normal dumpling’s wrap by rolling pin. But this wrap should be thicker. Place one spoonful filling in the middle. Fold one end to the other. Press with finger.

Fry in low heat till bother sides turn golden brown.

Pan-fried Crispy Bottom Dumplings

I love dumplings, whether they are boiled or fried.

This pan fried dumplings have very crunchy bottom with beautiful golden looks.

1. Brush oil in the pan.

2. Place dumplings ( I used frozen dumplings given by my mother in-law) in the pan.

3. Turn to medium heat. When the bottom turns lightly golden. Turn to low heat.

4. In a small bowl, mix starch and water, ratio should be 1:10.

5. Pour starch water slowly into pan. Stop when the water reaches about 1/3 height of dumpling.

6. Cover pan with lid.

7. When the water almost dry after several mins, remove lid. Turn to medium heat. Let the water dry completely. The turn off stove.

8. Take a big plate that can cover pan. Put the plate on the pan like a lid. Then switch them upside down to let dumplings drop into plate.


Quick Fried Dumplings

I love dumplings. Maybe because I come from northern part of China, I have an affection for dumplings. Every time I miss my hometown, I feel like having some dumplings.

Except commonly seen dumplings cooked in boiling water, another way is to fry them. 

It’s not complicted. And it’s also a quick and convenient dish, since I always buy some frozen dumplings in the fridge in case that I miss them or I feel tired and not like cooking.

1. Pour a little oil in the pan. ( non-stick pan) Swirl the pan a little to make the oil cover the whole pan.

2. Put the frozen dumplings ( freshly-made ones are also ok) in the pan. Better place them in order. 

In a square shape or circle.

3. Let dumplings stay in the pan and fry for a while. When their bottoms get golden brown, add in water to the height as tall as 1/3 height of the dumplings. Then cover the pan with lid.

4. After several minutes, water in the pan will become less. Before it’s almost dry, pour in some flour water. ( ratio should be flour: water=1:10) Sprinkle some black sesame and chopped spring onion as well.

Just wait till the water is dry with low heat.

Dumplings’ bottoms taste crunchy.