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Spring Onion Cake That I Can Never Have Enough (葱油饼 Cong You Bing)

There is no word can express how much I love spring onion pancake. There are some Shandong Pau shops in Singapore. They also sell Cong You Bing. Yet, The ones they sell are not the same to the ones I like. Spring onion cake I like is the crispy type. My mom is super good at making amazing spring onion pancake. Too bad, I can’t find any similar to my mom’s. So I have to figure out by myself.

I wrote a post before:


And recently, I cooked spring onion pancake again, just because I really missed them.

In my previous post, I applied my mom’s advice: Use half hot water and half cold water. But this time, I think I figure out some secret to make good spring onion pancake.

  1. No matter use hot water or whole cold water. The key is soft dough, which means you better use more water to make sure dough is soft enough. If the dough is hard, then the pancake will taste hard and dry.
  2. Use more spring onion, seasoning and oil. Obviously, it is true. Spring onion, and seasoning will make a lot happen during frying.
  3. Low medium heat is better during frying. This is important to make sure the outside layer is crispy. If the heat is high, it’s easy to be burnt outside while the dough inside is still raw.



Crispy spring onion pancake is the true spring onion pancake.

My husband also loves it.


Spring Onion Noodles

Another popular dish in China. Very simple to cook. All you need are spring onion, oil, noodles, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce and sugar.

1. Cut spring (4-6 stalks or more) into small strips around 3-5 cm.

2. Heat 1-2 tablespoon oil in the pan.

3. Add in chopped spring onion. Fry with low heat till spring onion turns dark brown in color. If you don’t like the black spring onion, you can take them out before the next step.

4. In a small bowl, mix 2 tablespoon light soy sauce, 1 tablespoon dark soy sauce and 1/2 tablespoon sugar.

5. Pour the sauce into pan. Stir till sugar melts.

6. Turn off the heat. Let the sauce cool down and blend in cooked noodles. Blend them well.

You can make more sauce and save in the refrigerator for later use.

My husband tried it and loved it.

Improved Spring Onion Pancake Recipe

I was born and grew up in Northern part of China, where the main food of every meal is almost all made from flour. My mom may not be a very great cook to deal with different dishes, but she really has something in cooking Chinese wheat flour food. She’s very good at making dumpling, buns, and my favorite all the time – spring onion pancake.

This summer when my husband and I went back to my hometown and spent some time there. My mom cooked spring onion pancake for us.

They are the best spring onion pancake I’ve ever had. Crispy outside but soft, juicy and tasty inside. I really wanted her to open a spring onion pancake store so that other people won’t miss such a delicious food. On the other hand, if she really opens one, I’m afraid I will have too much everyday and the shop will go broke. 🙂

Anyway, I asked my mom how come she can make such nice pancake while mine are hard and plain. She told me the secret is hot water. I used to mix flour with cold water. My mom used 1/3 hot water first then cold water for the rest.

Let dough rest for a while so that flour and water will combine perfectly. Divide dough into several smaller ones. Flatten each of them with rolling pin. Then spread a little oil, salt, black pepper (my mom actually used Sichuan pepper powder) and most importantly chopped spring onion evenly. Roll the thin layer from one end to the other to make it into a roll. Fold one end to the other end. Press with palm gently. Fry in pan till both sides turn golden brown.

Mine are not so nice as my mom’s. But they taste much better than the ones I made before.

Stir Fry Lobster With Ginger & Spring Onion

There was a big discount of lobster in supermarket today. So I bought one. Actually it’s frozen cooked lobster.

1. Clean lobster and cut into small pieces. I kept the whole lobster head for lobster soup. Then marinate with a big cooking wine and corn starch.

2. Heat oil in the pan. Should be much more oil than usual. Turn to high height.

3. Put lobster pieces in the pan. Keep stir frying. Till lobster meat turns a bit golden brown. Then take lobster out.

4. Put chopped spring onion and ginger in the hot pan. Stir fry a bit. Then add in lobster.

5. Add in a little cooking wine, a little light soy sauce and a little oyster sauce. 

6. Quick stir fry evenly.

It’s very delicious. My husband loves it. He even licked his finger very clean.

Chinese Fried Spring Onion Pancake

If you ask me what are the food I miss most in my hometown, fried spring onion is definitely one of them.

It’s not hard to make. But I never make the ones as good as my mom makes.

1. Mix flour with some warm water. Make it a round dough and cover with plastic wrap for around 20 mins to let water and flour mix well. My mom told me I should add in some oil too. Or the pancake will taste a bit dry. Turns out she’s true.

2. Divide dough into several evenly-sized small ones.

3. Use a rolling pin to make small dough big and thin. 

4. Spread oil, salt, black pepper and chopped spring onion on it evenly.

5. Roll it from one end to the other.

6. Roll it up from one end to the other.

7. And use rolling pin to make it a little flatter.

8. Fry in pan till both side golden brown.

I think my mom is right. It taste a bit dry. Maybe I should’ve add fold in some oil in dough.

Quick Fried Dumplings

I love dumplings. Maybe because I come from northern part of China, I have an affection for dumplings. Every time I miss my hometown, I feel like having some dumplings.

Except commonly seen dumplings cooked in boiling water, another way is to fry them. 

It’s not complicted. And it’s also a quick and convenient dish, since I always buy some frozen dumplings in the fridge in case that I miss them or I feel tired and not like cooking.

1. Pour a little oil in the pan. ( non-stick pan) Swirl the pan a little to make the oil cover the whole pan.

2. Put the frozen dumplings ( freshly-made ones are also ok) in the pan. Better place them in order. 

In a square shape or circle.

3. Let dumplings stay in the pan and fry for a while. When their bottoms get golden brown, add in water to the height as tall as 1/3 height of the dumplings. Then cover the pan with lid.

4. After several minutes, water in the pan will become less. Before it’s almost dry, pour in some flour water. ( ratio should be flour: water=1:10) Sprinkle some black sesame and chopped spring onion as well.

Just wait till the water is dry with low heat.

Dumplings’ bottoms taste crunchy.