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Garlic Butter Lobster

1. Put lobster in boiling water for 4 mins.

2. Take lobster out and soak it into cold water.

3. In a bowl, add in minced garlic.

Then chopped chili, parsley and sprinkle salt. Mix well. Then add in butter. Stir them.

4. Cut lobster into halves.

5. Spread garlic butter onto lobster.

6. Heat a skillet on the stove. When it becomes smoke hot, put the lobster in with the butter side down.

7. Heat a bit then turn them over.

8. Place lobster in a plate. Pour garlic butter over it.

My husband loves it.

Lobster Soup

1. Cook lobster in the boiling water. When it’s done, take out the lobster meat.

2. Prepare vegetable part. I used 1 medium potato, 1 medium onion, 1 medium carrot, 2 small tomatoes, 2 pieces of celery. Chop them into small pieces.

3. Heat some oil in the pan. Put in onion first. Then add all the rest vegetables in. Stir fry a bit. Add in a little salt and black pepper. Pour in enough water covers all ingredients ( I used the water cooked lobster). Cover the pan with lid.

4. When all the vegetables get softened, take them out and put in blender. Blend them well till smooth.

5. Pour vegetable smoothie back into pan. Heat it with low heat. I added some water (cooked vegetable) so that it won’t be very condensed.

6. Add in 2 tsp light cream. Keep stirring till it boils again. Mix in a little herbs you like and a little salt if it tastes plain.

7. Put lobster meat bits in the soup plate with some cheese. Pour soup into plate.

I also put the lobster head in the plate for decoration. My husband said it looks like a swimming lobster. πŸ™‚

Stir Fry Lobster With Ginger & Spring Onion

There was a big discount of lobster in supermarket today. So I bought one. Actually it’s frozen cooked lobster.

1. Clean lobster and cut into small pieces. I kept the whole lobster head for lobster soup. Then marinate with a big cooking wine and corn starch.

2. Heat oil in the pan. Should be much more oil than usual. Turn to high height.

3. Put lobster pieces in the pan. Keep stir frying. Till lobster meat turns a bit golden brown. Then take lobster out.

4. Put chopped spring onion and ginger in the hot pan. Stir fry a bit. Then add in lobster.

5. Add in a little cooking wine, a little light soy sauce and a little oyster sauce. 

6. Quick stir fry evenly.

It’s very delicious. My husband loves it. He even licked his finger very clean.