Red Bean Bun

I’m a red bean fan. I love almost everything about red bean. This red bean bun needs red bean paste. I used the one bought from supermarket. Ingredients: Bread flour 200g Sugar 18g Salt 2.5g Yeast 3g Butter 15g Water 100-120g Red bean paste 300g 1. Mix flour, sugar, salt, and yeast in a bowl.... Continue Reading →


Spinach Salad

1. Clean spinach and cut into halves. 2. Boil enough water in a pot. Also add in 1/2 tsp salt. 3. Boil spinach for 1 min. Then take them out. Rinse in the cold water and drain. 4. Squeeze spinach by hand to squeeze the water out. 5. Place spinach in the big bowl. Add... Continue Reading →

Stir Fry Vermicelli With Vegetables

Ingredients: Vermecelli ( cooked in boiling water till almost done, not completely done. Then rinse and drain) Onion shreds  Carrot shreds Spinach ( cooked in boiling water for several seconds. Then squeese the water out and drain) A little chopped ginger 1 tsp light soy sauce 1 tsp dark soy sauce 1 tsp sugar A... Continue Reading →


Black Sesame Round Bun And Mini-burger 

I promised my husband that I would make hamburger for him. And I tried the other day. First, I baked black sesame round bun. Ingredients: Bread flour around 160g Plain flour around 40g Sugar around 30g Salt around 3 g Yeast around 3 g Add in milk around 60g and 3/4 of one egg. 1.... Continue Reading →


Quick Fried Dumplings

I love dumplings. Maybe because I come from northern part of China, I have an affection for dumplings. Every time I miss my hometown, I feel like having some dumplings. Except commonly seen dumplings cooked in boiling water, another way is to fry them.  It's not complicted. And it's also a quick and convenient dish,... Continue Reading →


Braised Chicken in Brown Sauce

This dish is perfect for rice.  1. Prepare a boneless chicken leg.  2. Heat the pan. ( no oil is needed here, because chicken leg contains fat. ) 3. Put the chicken leg into the pan with the skin side down. The fat will come out. When the down side is a little burnt, flip... Continue Reading →


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