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White Fungus, Red Dates, Lotus Seeds & Longan Soup

It’s a sweet soup, more like dessert.

Ingredients are simple:

White fungus soak in water till soft and tear them apart. Lotus seed washed in water. Split in halves and remove the green sprout if there is. Remove the seed of red dates and cut or tear into smaller pieces. Other ingredients are longan meat, goji berries and rock sugar.

Put everything into pressure cooker. (I really love my pressure cooker. It makes cooking a lot easier.) Add in 6 cups water. Cook under high pressure for 50 mins.

White fungus becomes as soft as jelly. Soup is thick.

A good desert for women especially.


Jing Gao (甑糕)

I will never say no to any dessert made from sticky rice or sticky rice flour. This cake is from Xi’an. It became popular recently due to a Chinese TV drama. The Chinese name 甑糕 actually should be pronounced as “Zeng Gao”, however, people from Shan’an Xi called it Jing Gao. 甑 is an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rice. 糕 means cake. Well, I have to say this kind of sticky rice cake is really time-consuming in both preparation and cooking.


sticky rice 1/2 1 cup

red kidney beans 3/4 cup

dried red dates 1 cup

honey red dates 100g

  1. Soak sticky rice and red kidney beans in water for overnight.
  2. Dried date also need to be soaked for a while. Then cut them into halves and remove the cores. And do the same to honey red dates. I added honey red dates just wanted to add sweet taste to the cake. If you want it to be very sweet, you ca also add sugar to the sticky rice when steaming them. I was kind of lazy. Fortunately, dried red dated I have are already core-removed. I just need to cut them. And I did nothing to the honey dates and just put them in as a whole.
  3. Prepare a big bowl. Brush bowl with oil or you can just do what I did, to use parchment paper. The bottom layer is 1/3 sticky rice. Then 1/2 red kidne beans. Then 1/3 sticky rice. Followed by 1/2 red kidney beans. Then the rest 1/3 sticky rice and topped with red dates & honey dates. You can arrange the layer as you like. But make sure the bottom is sticky rice and the top is red dates.


Then add water into the bowl, just equally high to the red dates.

Steam for 3 hours. I steamed it for 4 hours. I read online that authentic Jing Gao should be steamed overnight with low heat. A pressure cooker will make it much easier.

After steaming, don’t open the lid immediately. Let it stay for 15 mins.

Use the back of a spoon to press the red dates and mash them.

Red kidney beans are very soft and smooth. My husband said it tastes like sweet Lor Mai Gai. 🙂 But still, he loves it. I love it very much too.

Healthy Bean Soup

It’s a soup made of different kinds of beans. It’s very healthy.

There was a period of time, I cooked regularly. My husband’s grey hairs became much less. Recently, I decided to cook it again.

Main ingredients are beans. I measured with my own hands.


A handful of Red beans

A handful of Kidney beans

A handful of red kidney beans

Half handful of Barley

Soak all the ingredients above for overnight. Barley belongs to cold food, so it should’t be used less.

When cook it, also add in

Half handful of black sesame

Half handful of walnut

6-8 red dates (cut a bit)

Some Chinese yam (Huai Shan, peeled and chopped)

Black sesame is good for hair. Walnut is good for brain. Red dates are good for skin.

Put all ingredients in a deep pot. Pour in enough water, cos it will take at least 2 hours.

My husband hates the beans. He just eats walnut, Huai Shan, drink the soup and leave all the beans. So I put a lot of water into the pot. Otherwise, the soup will be very thick. Of course, if you are Ok with it, you can add less water.

I cooked it for 3 hours. If you want it to taste sweet, you can add in sugar.

Water Chestnuts Dessert

Water chestnut is not usually seen in my hometown, but very common in Singapore. And it’s widely used in cooking savory food, dessert and making drinks.


Peeled Water chestnuts (around 8)

Water 500g

Red dates (4-5 cut into halves and remove the seed)

Wolf berries several

Sugar 1 tablespoon (you can cut or add more according to your reference)

Corn starch 1 tablespoon (dissolve in 2 tablespoon water)

Black sesame ( optional)

1. Use a grater to grind water chestnuts into paste.

2. Put water chestnuts paste, red dates, wolf berries, and water into a pot.

3. Turn to high heat and bring water to boil.

4. Add in sugar. Turn to medium heat. Keep stirring to let sugar dissolve. Simmer for another 5 mins.

5. Pour in starch water. Keep stirring for 2 mins.

6. Serve hot and sprinkle sesame.

Pig Tripe Soup

1. Cut clean pig tripe into short slices.

2. Put pig tripe in a pot. Add in enough water. Heat on the stove. When the water is almost boiled. Take the tripe out. Rinse and drain. Pour the rest water out.

3. Put tripe back in the pot again. Also pour in enough water.

4. Add in several red dates, barley, ginger slices. Cover the pot with lid. Turn to high heat. When it boils, turn to low heat.

5. Keep heating for 1 hour. Sprinkle salt and white pepper powder.

Serve hot.

It tastes really good!