Pig Tripe Soup

1. Cut clean pig tripe into short slices. 2. Put pig tripe in a pot. Add in enough water. Heat on the stove. When the water is almost boiled. Take the tripe out. Rinse and drain. Pour the rest water out. 3. Put tripe back in the pot again. Also pour in enough water. 4.... Continue Reading →


Easy Braised Chicken With Shiitake 

This dish is actually similar to yellow chicken stew. Yellow chicken stew is really popular in China. I guess there are yellow chicken stew restaurants in every China's city. It's a dish made mainly of chicken, shiitake and green bell pepper. I cooked it in a relatively easy way. 1. Cut boneless chicken leg into medium... Continue Reading →

Stir Fry Pork With Potato Slices

Chinese ways of cooking potatoes are very different from western ones.  Ingredients: Pork (cut into thin slices, marinated with a little salt, light soy sauce and corn starch) Potato (cut into thin slices) Bell pepper ( cut into small pieces) Light soy sauce Salt Water 1. Put potato slices in boiling water till they are... Continue Reading →


Braised Beef With Potato

Ingredients: Beef ( cut into medium pieces) Potatoes (chopped into medium pieces) Light soy sauce Dark soy sauce Cooking wine Salt sugar Ginger Star anise 1. Beef pieces in boiling water till water gets boiled again. Take beef out, rinse and drain. 2. Heat some oil in the pan. Put in 2 or 3 ginger... Continue Reading →


Stir Fry Eggplant & Long Bean

I'm a big fan of eggplant. I won't get tired even if I have eggplant three meals a day. Ingredients: Long beans (cut into medium pieces) Eggplant (cut into strips similar to long beans' length) Chopped garlic, dried chili (if you want it to be spicy) Light soy sauce 1 tsp Salt Sugar 1 tsp... Continue Reading →


Roast Chicken/Duck

Original recipe: http://m.xiachufang.com/recipe/265071/?ref=aladdin_accurate I guess many people know Beijing Roast Duck. Crispy roast duck is popular in China. Duck meat will be cut into slices, and wrapped with cucumber strips and sweet bean sauce. I can eat a lot.  It should be crispy roast duck, but I only found big ducks in supermarket. So I... Continue Reading →


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