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White Fungus, Red Date, Lotus Seed & Barley Soup

Yeah, it’s quite a long name. πŸ™‚

Strictly speaking, this soup should belong to dessert, since it’s a sweet soup not a savory soup.

Main ingredients are white fungus (soak in the water first till completely softened and remove the yellow bottom), red dates (remove the core), barley (wash clean), lotus seeds (remove the green sprouts in the middle if there is any to avoid bitter taste) and wolf berries.

Put all ingredients in a pot. Here I used a rice cooker. Add in enough water.

Also add in several sugar cubes according to your preference.

I chose “soup” function on the rice cooker. And it cooked for approximately 3 hours. If you use normal pot on stove. You can bring to boil with high heat first, then simmer with low heat for 1.5 hours.

Soup is nice. Because it contains red dates and white fungus, it is also called beauty soup.


My husband loves it.



Pig Tripe Soup

1. Cut clean pig tripe into short slices.

2. Put pig tripe in a pot. Add in enough water. Heat on the stove. When the water is almost boiled. Take the tripe out. Rinse and drain. Pour the rest water out.

3. Put tripe back in the pot again. Also pour in enough water.

4. Add in several red dates, barley, ginger slices. Cover the pot with lid. Turn to high heat. When it boils, turn to low heat.

5. Keep heating for 1 hour. Sprinkle salt and white pepper powder.

Serve hot.

It tastes really good!