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White Fungus, Red Date, Lotus Seed & Barley Soup

Yeah, it’s quite a long name. 🙂

Strictly speaking, this soup should belong to dessert, since it’s a sweet soup not a savory soup.

Main ingredients are white fungus (soak in the water first till completely softened and remove the yellow bottom), red dates (remove the core), barley (wash clean), lotus seeds (remove the green sprouts in the middle if there is any to avoid bitter taste) and wolf berries.

Put all ingredients in a pot. Here I used a rice cooker. Add in enough water.

Also add in several sugar cubes according to your preference.

I chose “soup” function on the rice cooker. And it cooked for approximately 3 hours. If you use normal pot on stove. You can bring to boil with high heat first, then simmer with low heat for 1.5 hours.

Soup is nice. Because it contains red dates and white fungus, it is also called beauty soup.


My husband loves it.



Spare Ribs Soup ( With Red Dates & Ginkgo)

1. Rinse spare ribs in water.

2. Put ribs in a deep pot. Add in enough water higher than ribs.

3. Turn to high heat. When water boils, skim it. 

4. Turn to low heat. Add in 2 or 3 red dates. 

5. Cover the pot with lid. Let it slow cook for at least 40 mins. I let it boil for 1.5 hrs. The meat will become very soft and come off from the bone very easily.

6. Add in ginkgo. I read on internet that it could be poisonous if you have too many ginkgo one time. So I just put in 10 ginkgoes. And boil for another 15 Mins.

Serve hot.

You can also sprinkle a little spring onion.

Very nice soup!

Glutinous Rice Chicken Soup

Glutinous rice needs to be soaked in water for overnight.

Stuff chicken with glutinous rice, 3 or 4 garlic cloves, 2 or 3 red dates. And then tight the chicken up in case the stuff inside run out.

Put chicken in a large deep pot. Add in enough water. Make spring onion a knot, then add in the pot with several ginger slices.

1. Turn to high heat. When the soup boils, remove the foam on the surface. 

2. Then turn to low heat and cook for 45 mins.

3. Turn off the stove and keep the lid on for another one hour.

4. Sprinkle salt. Turn on low heat and braise for another half an hour.

5. Sprinkle some chopped spring onion. And ready to serve.

Chicken tastes soft and juice. You can serve with kimchi.

There will be a lot of soup left. Please don’t throw away. It can be reserved in a bottle and placed in the fridge. 

Easy Red Date Chicken Leg Soup

Chicken leg and several red dates in a pot. Pour in enough water that higher than ingredients. Turn to medium heat and cook for around 1 hour and a half. The soup will become a little white in color. Before turn off the stove, add a little salt. If you like, you can also add some wolf berries. 

In Chinese medicine, red date is good for skin and health. So it’s ideal for women to have.