Braised Ribs with Potato & Long Beans

1. Rinse ribs under water. Then put them in a pot, pour in enough water that covers all ribs. Turn to high heat and bring to boil. Turn off the heat when ribs turn white. Rinse ribs in cold water and drain. 2. Heat a little oil in the pan. Add in chopped garlic, ginger... Continue Reading →


Ribs & Cheese (Dip Ribs in Cheese)

1. Prepare marinade: 3-4 chopped garlic cloves, 1 chopped red chili, a little chopped ginger, 1 tablespoon light soy sauce, 1 tablespoon dark soy sauce, 1 tablespoon oyster sauce, 1/2 tablespoon sugar. Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl. 2. Put ribs in a zip bag, pour the marinade in. Rub ribs with hand.... Continue Reading →

Plum Sauce Ribs

Plum sauce tastes a bit sour and sweet. So I think it will be a good choice to cook ribs. 1. Rinse ribs in water till the water becomes clean. Then drain them. 2. Heat a little oil in pan. Or you can just heat a pan, because ribs contain fat. When you fry them,... Continue Reading →


Homemade Prawn Ribs Noodle Soup

Prawn ribs noodle soup is a Singapore local dish. It’s also one of my husband’s favourite ones. The key of this dish is broth. Main ingredients are ribs, Prawns, and noodles. 1. Remove the shell and heads of Prawns. Don’t thrown them away. 2. Heat a little oil in the pan. Sauté chopped garlic till... Continue Reading →


Spare Ribs Soup ( With Wolfberries & Pear)

1. Rinse spare ribs in water several times. 2. Put ribs in a deep pot. Add in enough water higher than them.  3. Turn on high heat. Bring it to boil and skim the soup. 4. Peel and remove the core of one Pear. Cut  into medium chunks. Put into soup with several wolfberries. 5.... Continue Reading →


Spare Ribs Soup ( With Red Dates & Ginkgo)

1. Rinse spare ribs in water. 2. Put ribs in a deep pot. Add in enough water higher than ribs. 3. Turn to high heat. When water boils, skim it.  4. Turn to low heat. Add in 2 or 3 red dates.  5. Cover the pot with lid. Let it slow cook for at least... Continue Reading →


Roasted Ribs By Oven

For sauce: 1/8 cup maple syrup 1/8 cup apple cider vinegar 1/8 cup tomato sauce 1/2 tsp salt 3 cloves garlic minced 1/2 tsp black pepper Preheat oven to 180 degree C. Mix all the sauce ingredients in a big bowl. And put ribs in. Marinate for 20 mins. Put ribs in baking pan. Pour... Continue Reading →


Big Bone Pear Soup

It's the first time for me to try this dish. It's a very simple Soup. But if you want the soup to be more delicious, it will take more time to cook it. First, pour enough water in a deep pot. Put big bone or ribs into it.  Turn to high heat. When water boils,... Continue Reading →


Dark Brasied Ribs 

My sister and brother love this dish. Every time when I go back home to visit my family, they always require me to cook this dish. Many friends come to my home try this dish and ask me how to cook it. 1. Put ribs in a pot, pour into enough water covers all ribs.... Continue Reading →


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