Broccoli, Scallop & Shiitake Mushroom

Prepare one head of broccoli, 4-6 Shiitake Mushrooms and 6-8 big scallops. 1. Cut broccoli into small flowers. Cut a cross on the Shiitake if you want. 2. Boil one pot of water. Add in 1 tsp salt. Blanch broccoli for 3 mins. Soak in cold water and drain them. 3. Heat a little oil... Continue Reading →


Chicken Vegetables Pot

1. Prepare chicken. You can choose chicken boneless leg or chicken wing sticks. Fry them in a pan. When a bit golden brown, take them out. 2. Prepare soup. Boil 1 cup water in a pot. Add in 1 small pack of bonito flakes. Turn off the stove and let bonito flakes simmer in hot... Continue Reading →

Sliced Noodle Soup

Noodle is very popular in northern part of China. Apart from the regular long noodle, there is also sliced noodle. Mix 100 g flour and 40-50 g water in a bowl. And knead into a dough. Brush some oil in a pan. Put the dough in it. Press the dough by hand to make it... Continue Reading →

Shiitake & Wolfberry Chicken Leg Soup

Ingredients: Several shiitakes Some wolfberries 1 big whole chicken leg Ginger slices Salt Chopped spring onion Put chicken leg, shiitake, ginger slices and wolfberries in a deep pot. Add in enough water covers all ingredients.  When water boils, turn to low heat. Cover the lid. And simmer for at least 40 mins. Sprinkle some salt... Continue Reading →

Chicken Vegetable Soup

It's an easy soup to make. Ingredients: Chicken ( I used 2 big chicken wingsticks) Shiitake  Bamboo shoot ( cut into medium pieces) Carrot ( chop into medium pieces) Snow pea ( put in boiling water for 1 min. Take out and drain) Oil Light soy sauce Salt Hot water 1. Heat a little oil... Continue Reading →

Chicken Soup Noodle

When my husband feels sick, I cook him chicken soup. Actually, every time I make chicken soup, it's possibly to leave some over. So I keep the left soup in a jar and stored in fridge. Stored chicken soup can be used to cook. And the easiest one is to cook noodles. This is the... Continue Reading →

Easy Vegetable Soup

Vegetables I used includes tomato, shiitake, carrot and spinach. 1. Remove peel of tomato. Chop tomato and carrot into small pieces. 2. Heat a very little oil in the pan. Put tomato pieces in. Stir fry a bit. 3. Add in enough water. Put carrot and shiitake in. 4. Simmer till carrot softens. Because I... Continue Reading →

Easy Braised Chicken With Shiitake 

This dish is actually similar to yellow chicken stew. Yellow chicken stew is really popular in China. I guess there are yellow chicken stew restaurants in every China's city. It's a dish made mainly of chicken, shiitake and green bell pepper. I cooked it in a relatively easy way. 1. Cut boneless chicken leg into medium... Continue Reading →

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