Pan-fried Crispy Bottom Dumplings

I love dumplings, whether they are boiled or fried.

This pan fried dumplings have very crunchy bottom with beautiful golden looks.

1. Brush oil in the pan.

2. Place dumplings ( I used frozen dumplings given by my mother in-law) in the pan.

3. Turn to medium heat. When the bottom turns lightly golden. Turn to low heat.

4. In a small bowl, mix starch and water, ratio should be 1:10.

5. Pour starch water slowly into pan. Stop when the water reaches about 1/3 height of dumpling.

6. Cover pan with lid.

7. When the water almost dry after several mins, remove lid. Turn to medium heat. Let the water dry completely. The turn off stove.

8. Take a big plate that can cover pan. Put the plate on the pan like a lid. Then switch them upside down to let dumplings drop into plate.



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