Chicken Leg Soup With Chinese Cabbage & Dried Mini Octopus 

Every weekend, my husband and I will go to supermarket and pick meat & vegi for the next week’s meals. Last time, he went to me with a small bag of dried mini octopus and told me it would make soup more delicious. I really doubted that because my husband knows very little about cooking. But he persuaded me in the end. I tried it with a big fat chicken leg.

1. Clean chicken leg. In a deep pot, pour in enough water. Also put chicken leg in.

2. Turn to high heat. When water boils, remove the foam on the surface.

3. Turn to low heat. Add in a little ginger slice. Cut one dried mini octopus into the pot with scissors.

4. Cover the pot with lid. Slow cook for 30-60 mins. 30 mins will guarantee Chicken be cooked. Yet, a little longer cooking time will enable soup to be very tasty.

5. Chop Chinese cabbage into medium pieces. Put into the pot. Also sprinkle some salt. Cook for another 5 mins.

Serve hot.

I have to say dried octopus really did magic to the soup. We all loved it.


2 thoughts on “Chicken Leg Soup With Chinese Cabbage & Dried Mini Octopus ”

  1. The green cabbage color makes the soup very apetising. Died octopus or (干煸鱼) dried flatfish, both are excellent for tasty soup, commonly used in fish ball noodles魚丸面, yong-dou-fu 酿豆付, bak-chor-mee 肉脞面

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