Japanese Potato Cake

When my husband and I were in Hokkaido, we went to Hokkaido Historical Village. We had a great time exploring that place and we had a taste of potato cake in the canteen there.

Both of us loved it. Soft, seeet and smells so so good.

After we came back, I searched recipe online. And found this:


1. I chose 4 medium potatoes. Clean and peel them. Then cut into medium chunks. Boil to soft. Mash them.

2. Add 10 tablespoons corn starch into mashed potato. Mix very well without any lumps.

3. Heat 20 g butter in the pan. When melted, put potato cake into it and fry till both side golden brown. ( I rinse my hand first, and put one spoonful potato dough in my palm. It won’t be sticky since my hands are wet. Make the dough into round and flatter one, then put into pan.)

4. Make the sauce: heat a saucepan. Add in 60 ml water, 2 tbsp brown sugar and 2 tbsp light soy sauce. Turn to high heat and reduce to thick and condensed sauce. Pour over potato cakes.

Taste really like the ones we had in Hokkaido. My husband loves them very much.


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