Chopped Cold Chicken

Chopped Cold Chicken (白斩鸡)is a popular dish in Guangdong cuisine.

I used this cooking method: (original recipe is Chinese)

1. Prepare a very big pot. Big enough for a whole chicken.

2. Add in enough water that can cover whole chicken. Also add in cooking wine, star anise, chopped ginger and spring onion.

3. Bring the water to boil. Grab the chicken. Soak it in hot water and pull it out immediately. Do this in-and-out procedure 3 times.

4. Then put whole chicken into pot. Boil for 1 min.

5. Soak the chicken into cold water to make the skin more elastic.

6. Put chicken into pot and boil for 4 mins.

7. Put the lid on and boil for 1 min.

8. Turn off the stove. Don’t move anything. Keep the lid on. Don’t even touch it. Let the chicken have a good spa for 40 mins. If you want your chicken to be more tender, you can use less time. But that may means you will see blood in the chicken bone. I like to play the safe card. So I let the chicken be there for 40 mins. And by the way, my chicken is around 800g. Bigger chicken needs more time.

9. After a good sauna. Chicken will feel hot. Put it into icy cold water immediately.

10. Brush sesame oil onto it.

Cut it. Don’t throw the chicken soup away. It’s ideal to make other soup or to boil dumplings/ wantons.

Drizzle light soy sauce.

And EAT!


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  1. tomcircle says:

    The soup can be used to cook rice, ratio is 1 cup of rice to 1 cup of soup.
    The Hainanese Chicken shares the same cooking recipe with this “cold chop chicken”, with extra Pandan leaves, instead of star anis, to insert inside the chicken’s stomach.


  2. tomcircle says:

    Ideal size of chicken is about 800 gm to 1 kg with this timing (40 mins). Bigger size (1.3 -1.5 kg) needs longer timing (1 hour).


  3. tomcircle says:

    The purpose of Step 3: (Bath 3 times) is to ensure the boiling hot water reach the chicken internal to cook it evenly and properly. This is the area most likely still uncooked (hence with blood) while the external body is cooked much earlier.


  4. tomcircle says:

    Step 5: soak in cold water makes the skin tightened, also not easily broken and peeled off from the body during cooking.
    Step 9: soak in icy water before cut is for the chicken meat and skin to shrink tightly.


  5. tomcircle says:

    The pink color in the bones (but NO blood) indicates the most tender and juicy meat. It is the perfect cooked chicken.


  6. tomcircle says:

    The perfect cooked chicken with pink colored bones :


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