Pork & Green Chili Stir-fry

青椒肉丝 (pork & green chili stir-fry) is one of the most commonly-seen dishes in China. And it’s also very popular in Japan. When I have a bad appetite (which rarely happens) or feel like eating something spicy, this dish always comes to my mind immediately. Everyone has his own pork & green chili stir-fry recipe. And here is how I cook it:

1. Cut pork and green chili into shreds. A sharp knife will do a better job. Pork containing a bit fat is ideal for this dish. Otherwise, the meat will be very dry.

2. Heat oil in the pan. Use middle heat. When oil is hot, add in pork. Quick stir to separate each shred. Also add in a little ginger. Fry till pork turns a little brownish and shiny with the grease.

3. Add in chili. Quickly mix chili with pork. Stir fry till chili’s aroma comes out.

4. Add in a little light soy sauce and sugar. My husband can’t accept too much spiciness. So I added a little sugar.

5. Season with salt. And serve hot.


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