Soufflé Pancake Recipe

My husband got up very late almost every morning except there is a meeting he needs to attend to or some stuff he needs to handle with. If I want him to get up early, I usually tell him  that I will make him a good breakfast on the night before. (He likes to have bread in the morning, so I only make him breakfast occasionally. He thinks that I cook lunch and dinner almost everyday, it’s already tiring to me so he can handle breakfast by himself). Last night, I told him that I would make him this soufflé pancake and he should get up earlier than before. Guess what happened today. I overslept too. 🙂 But I still decided to cook him this pancake since I already promised him.

I always wanted to try this fluffy pancake before. Yet, there is one big problem for me is that this recipe requires whipping egg white. Whipping egg white or cream is nightmare to me. I almost failed every time. On the bright side, whipping egg white is relatively not that hard.

1. Divide 1 egg yolk and 1 egg white. Put egg white aside for later use.

2. Whip egg yolk till the color becomes lighter. Then add in 1 tsp white sugar. Blend till fully combined.

3. Sieve in 20g flour. You can add in 2 or 3 times. Make sure there is no flour lump.

4. Whip egg white. You can use a electric mixture. I just used my hands. When the color becomes white and bubbles show up, add in 1 tsp sugar. Keep whipping, when many small bubbles appear, add another 1 tsp sugar. Whip till stiff hook forms.

5. Mix egg white with batter together.

6. Heat a pan. Brush a little oil. Turn to low heat during the whole frying process. Scoop batter and drop into pan. Cover the lid for 3 mins. Then flip over and fry for another 3 mins.

Serve with honey, butter, jam, and plain yogurt or whatever you like.

My husband loved them very very much. I just left to the kitchen for about 2 mins, when I came back to the dining table, he already finished all of them. 🙂


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