My Experiment On Fried Chicken Followed YouTube’s NO. 1 Fried Chicken Recipe

Recently, my husband kept telling me to cook less food each meal cos he’s on a diet. And today, when I asked him what he wanted for lunch. He told me he wanted FRIED CHICKEN!!! 😅Hey Dude, aren’t you on a diet?!

I searched fried chicken recipe on YouTube, and this video came out as the top on the list:

I kind of doubted it at the beginning. It’s very different from the way fried chicken I used to do. Especially when I saw mixing hot chili sauce with water and eggs. I was like NO kidding!

But I think that video ranked NO.1 for a reason. Julia Child said :”Learn how to cook — try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!” I always encourage myself to be bold and fearless in kitchen. I was willing to give it a try. The worst result could be that I got terrible fried chicken, but I knew for sure my husband would still like them. He loved almost every dish I cooked. Yeah, he has GREAT taste. 🙂

I cut all ingredients into 1/3 of original, cos I only cooked 4 chicken drumstick. This is how my fried chicken look like. Two of them are very dark colored. That’s because when I tried to measure the oil temperature with thermometer, I found there’s something wrong with thermometer. It didn’t show the number. I turned it on and off several times. When I was struggling with it, I forgot the oil is still on the stove, heating. I finally gave up using thermometer. But then the temperature was a bit high. And the chicken turned out very dark. I turned off the heat for the second batch. It turned out great. The fried chicken was so good. My husband was like “Tai Hao Chi Le” (very delicious). 🙂 The chicken is very tender and juicy. I will definitely cook fried chicken using this method in the future.

There were some flour and sauce left. I used them to cook fried mushroom. Super yummy too. I will explain how I cooked them in next blog. 🙂


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