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Fried Chicken Wings

I used about chicken middle wing part. About 400g.

1, Put all the chicken into a big bowl. Add in 1 tsp ground garlic, 1 tsp ground ginger, 2 tsp paprika powder, 1/4 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp light soy sauce, 1/2 tsp black pepper. Mix well.

2, Marinate for about 2 hours.

3, In a bowl, mix 1 cup flour, 1/4 cup corn starch, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp black pepper and 1/4 tsp turmeric powder.

4, Roll chicken in flour mixture. Prepare a bowl of water. dip Flour-coated chicken into water. Then roll in dry ingredient again. Shake off the excessive.

5, Deep fry for about 8-10 mins or till golden brown color.

Pandan Chicken

Today is my resting day. I was planning to make some dessert. That’s why I bought some fresh pandan leaves from supermarket. Yet, I checked my kitchen, there was 1 ingredient missing. So I decides to make pandan chicken instead.

1, To prepare marinade. 4 cloves of garlic, 3 red shallot, 1 small chunk ginger, 2 tbsp fish sauce, 1 tbsp oyster sauce, 1 tbsp sesame oil, 1 tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp coconut milk. Put all of them into blender and blend into paste.

2, Prepare chicken. I use chicken legs. So I need to remove the bone first. You can just use boneless chicken leg or chicken breast. So the chicken is about 400 g. Cut them into smaller pieces. Similar to size of my half palm or even smaller. Because later they will be fried. If the chicken pieces are too big, it will be easily for them to get burnt while the inside still remains uncooked.

3, Put all the chicken into a big bowl. Add in marinade. Marinate for 2 hours.

4, Wash pandan leaves. Make them a knot and put the chicken inside the knot. Just make sure chicken stays inside the pandan leaves. You can pin it with toothpick if you want.

5, Deep fry them in oil with low medium heat, till the chicken turns beautifully golden brown color. Pandan leaves will also be crispy. And your kitchen will smell incredible. 🙂

Crispy Fried Chicken Wings

  1. Cut chicken wings 2 times on both sides.
  2. Sprinkle salt, black pepper, paprika powder, ground ginger and ground garlic (or garlic paste) over chicken wings. Mix by hands evenly and let them marinate for 2-3 hours.
  3. In a bowl, add in flour and starch, ration should be flour: starch = 5:1. Also add salt, black pepper to taste. To add more flavor to the chicken, I add in mixed herbs. You can just add in the herbs you like.
  4. Prepare a bowl of water.
  5. Roll chicken wing in the flour mixture first. Then dip in water quickly and roll in flour mixture again. Shake off the excessive.
  6. Heat oil. Test the temperate with chopsticks. If there are many bubbles around the chopsticks, the oil’s temperature is ok.
  7. Deep fry chicken wings till the flour shell is very hard. Then turn up the heat a bit. Fry chicken wings for the second time to get gold brown color and also to make them crispier.

Fried Chicken Drumsticks

When will my husband be tired of fried chicken? I guess the answer is “NEVER”!

This time I used chicken drumsticks. I cooked 6 of them.

  1. Use a sharp knife to cut a little above the joint. Then pull the chicken meat down to separate from the joint.
  2. In a bowl, add in 1/2 cup chili sauce, 1 egg, 1/8 cup water. Mix them well.
  3. In another bow, add in 1 cup flour. Season with 1 tsp salt , 1 tsp black pepper and 1 tsp paprika powder. Mix well too.
  4. Dip chicken in the sauce then roll in the flour mixture. Shake off the excessive. Deep fry for about 10 mins.

When I called my husband to come for lunch, He saw the fried chicken.  He’s super happy and did that weird dance.


Korean Style Fried Chicken

My husband is a big fried chicken lover. He loves all kinds of fried chicken, American style, Japanese style, or Korean style. Or maybe he just loves chicken. As I mentioned before, every time when I ask him what he want for lunch, his answer is always Teriyaki Chicken. I don’t know if there is a special setting in his brain. He just pushed that “my wife asks my opinion on the meal again” button, and his mouth just opened and spited the word “Teriyaki Chicken” out. Actually, most time I just ask him, but whether adopting his opinion or not is another thing. 🙂

Back to the fried chicken. 🙂 I found a pack of chicken drumsticks  in the fridge. To me, chicken drumsticks are ideal to cook fried chicken. Since they are not so skinny as chicken wings or not so hard-to-cook as chicken legs.

  1. Wash chicken drumsticks (my pack contains 8 ) clean and drain them.
  2. Put all the drumsticks in a big bowl. Sprinkle 1/2 tsp salt and 1/2 black pepper. Also chop a small piece of ginger and add in. Mix them well.
  3. Roll drumsticks in potato starch. Let each one be coated with a thin starch layer and shake off the excess.
  4. Prepare frying oil. I didn’t measure the temperature of the oil. I just grab the bone end of one drumstick and slightly dip it into the oil. If a lot of bubbles show up around it and you can hear the sizzling, the temperature is OK. Gently slide the drumstick into the oil. For the whole frying process, I keep the low-medium heat. To make sure chicken is cooked thoroughly,  frying may take 10-13 mins.
  5. Heat up the oil and fry again to get crispy out layer and golden brown color.

After frying twice, the outside shell is very hard.

Next step is to make sauce:

Heat a pan. Add in 1/2 tablespoon oil. Saute 2 or 3 chopped garlic cloves. If you want your chicken to be spicy, add in a little chopped dried chili. Then add in 1/4 cup soy sauce, 1 1/2 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon vinegar. Turn to low heat and reduce the sauce a bit.

Add all fried chicken into the sauce. Stir to mix them well.


Chicken will be coated with sticky and shiny tasty sauce.

My husband cannot stop licking his finger.

I was thinking maybe someday if I don’t want to do what I am doing now, I can open a fried chicken restaurant to make money instead. :p

Janpanese Style Fried Chicken Recipe

1. Prepare a boneless chicken leg. Cut it into medium pieces.

2. Place chicken in a bowl. Add in 1 tablespoon light soy sauce, 1 tablespoon sweet cooking wine, 1 tsp salt, 2 tsp minced garlic and 1 tsp minced ginger. Mix well and marinate for about 30 mins.

3. Pour the marinade out. Beat 1 egg into the chicken. Mix by hand to let chicken be coated with egg.

4. Add in 2 tablespoon starch and 1 tablespoon flour. Mix well.

5. Deep fry flour-coated chicken till golden brown.

6. Turn up the heat and fry again to make them crispier.

Serve with lemon.


My Experiment On Fried Chicken Followed YouTube’s NO. 1 Fried Chicken Recipe

Recently, my husband kept telling me to cook less food each meal cos he’s on a diet. And today, when I asked him what he wanted for lunch. He told me he wanted FRIED CHICKEN!!! 😅Hey Dude, aren’t you on a diet?!

I searched fried chicken recipe on YouTube, and this video came out as the top on the list:

I kind of doubted it at the beginning. It’s very different from the way fried chicken I used to do. Especially when I saw mixing hot chili sauce with water and eggs. I was like NO kidding!

But I think that video ranked NO.1 for a reason. Julia Child said :”Learn how to cook — try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!” I always encourage myself to be bold and fearless in kitchen. I was willing to give it a try. The worst result could be that I got terrible fried chicken, but I knew for sure my husband would still like them. He loved almost every dish I cooked. Yeah, he has GREAT taste. 🙂

I cut all ingredients into 1/3 of original, cos I only cooked 4 chicken drumstick. This is how my fried chicken look like. Two of them are very dark colored. That’s because when I tried to measure the oil temperature with thermometer, I found there’s something wrong with thermometer. It didn’t show the number. I turned it on and off several times. When I was struggling with it, I forgot the oil is still on the stove, heating. I finally gave up using thermometer. But then the temperature was a bit high. And the chicken turned out very dark. I turned off the heat for the second batch. It turned out great. The fried chicken was so good. My husband was like “Tai Hao Chi Le” (very delicious). 🙂 The chicken is very tender and juicy. I will definitely cook fried chicken using this method in the future.

There were some flour and sauce left. I used them to cook fried mushroom. Super yummy too. I will explain how I cooked them in next blog. 🙂

Salty Fried Chicken

Salty Fried Chicken ( Chinese name is 盐酥鸡) is a famous dish from Taiwan, I think.

1. Cut 1 piece of chicken breast into one-bite size. Put them in a bowl. Add in 1 tsp salt, 2 minced garlic, 2 tsp soy sauce and 1/2 tsp white pepper. Mix well and marinate for 20 mins.

2. Prepare flour paste:

1/2 cup flour, 1/4 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp white pepper and water.

Make them into paste.

3. Put marinated chicken into flour paste.

4. In another bowl, mix corn starch and flour. Ratio should be 2:1.

5. Heat oil in deep pot. Dip chicken in flour starch mixture.

6. Deep fry till golden brown.

If you want chicken to be more crispier, you can fry one more time.

7. Drain the fried chicken. Add a handful basil in oil. Fry for around 30 seconds.

8. Mix 1/4 tsp salt with 1 tsp white pepper. Sprinkle seasoning over fried chicken.

Taste really crispy.

Yummy Buttermilk Fried Chicken

I used chicken drumsticks. They are small and easy to fry.

Sprinkle a little salt and black pepper over chicken. Massage them a bit.

Place them in a bowl, pour in enough Buttermilk.

Marinate for at least 30 mins.

Here is the Frying powder I used.

It already contains seasoning and spices, that’s why I only used a little salt and black pepper to marinate chicken.

Dip marinated chicken drumsticks in the frying powder. Then dip buttermilk and frying powder again to let chicken double coated by powder.

Fry chicken in oil till golden brown.

Turns out that double coated fried chicken taste more crispy outside and tender inside. Very delicious.

Korean Style Fried Chicken

I used chicken wing sticks, because they are small and easy to fry.

1. Marinate chicken wing sticks with a little salt and black pepper. Massage them a bit.

2. Coat them with corn starch.

3. Add enough oil in the pan. Actually, I didn’t deep fry them. I just used oil half height of the chicken wing sticks.

4. When the oil is heated, put in chicken wing sticks. Fry till golden brown. I fried around 20 mins. If you deep fry, it will be around 10 mins.

5. Take fried chicken wing stick out. Heat the oil again. Fry them for another 5 mins. 

6. Leave a little oil in the pan. Put in chopped garlic and stir fry a bit.

7. Add in 1 tsp light soy sauce, 2 tsp Korean sweet & hot chili sauce, 3 tsp honey, and 1/2 tsp water. Stir evenly. 

8. Put fried chicken in the pan when the sauce boils. Stir fry evenly till chicken coated with sauce evenly.