Homemade Tomato Sauce

Apart from searching for recipes, one of my hobbies is watching movies about food.

I watched the Japanese Movie Little Forest the other day. It tells a story of a little girl living in the countryside. She plants vegetables and fruits and makes dishes with them. One scen is about her making tomato sauce with the tomatoes she plants. So I imitated her way of doing that.

1. First, wash some cherry tomatoes. Actually, you can use small tomatoes or big ones, depending on how big your jar is. And cut a cross at the bottom of each one.

2. Then put them in hot water for several seconds. If your tomatoes are bigger, let them stay longer in hot water.

3. Put them into icy water. And the tomato skin can be easily removed.

4. Put peeled tomatoes back into hot water. Boil them with a little salt. Don’t put too much. 

5. Then put the tomatoes along with some salty hot water into sterilized jar. Please don’t make the jar too full. 

6. Put the jar into hot water. And boil it for several minutes. Make sure the lid is not cover too tight.

7. After boiling, cool the jar for a while and tighten the lid.

The movies says, put the jar in the fridge. When you feel hot in summer, you can take a bite, and it makes you feel very cool.

I took them out and heat in a pan with some sugar.

Then poured them on cooked spaghetti. It tasted really great.


2 thoughts on “Homemade Tomato Sauce”

  1. Hey, in the recipe you mention time in “several” minutes or seconds. Its very subjective term. Would you please tell some objective numbers? Even if they are approximate it will be helpful just to get an idea.


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