Stir Fry Stingray With Vegetables

1. Cut stingray fillet into small pieces and marinate it with a little salt, cooking wine, light soy sauce and corn starch.

2. Heat some oil in the pan. Put stingray pieces in. Stir fry them till a bit golden brown.and take them out.

3. Stir fry chopped garlic in the pan. Then add in chopped vegetables ( I used carrot and celery. Carrot was cut into thin slices, and celery was cut into small pieces). Stir fry till vegetable gets softened.

4. Put stingray in the pan. And stir fry with vegetables. Add in a little light soy sauce and a little water. 

5. Quick stir fry a bit. If it tastes plain, add in a little salt. And it’s done.


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