Teriyaki Chicken


Boneless chicken leg

Dark soy sauce 2 tsp

Cooking wine 1 tsp

Water 2 tsp

Sugar 2 tsp

Honey 2 tsp

White sesame
1. Heat a pan on the stove. When it’s hot, put chicken into the pan with the skin side down.

2. When the downside turns golden brown, flip the chicken over. Fry the other side till golden brown too.

3. Take the chicken out, and cut into smaller pieces.

4. Put the chicken pieces into pan. Add in dark soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, water and honey. Stir evenly to make sure chicken is coated with sauce.

5. Turn the height higher. Keep stir frying till sauce reduces to almost dry. Sprinkle white sesame.

If you want to serve with rice, you can save more sauce for the rice.

Very yummy.


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