Soy Beans & Pig’s Feet Soup

Pig’s feet are very popular among women due to abundant collagen.

1. Soak soy beans in water for hours till they get a bit softened.

2. Add enough water in clay pot. ( clay pot is perfect for slow cooking dishes). Put pig’s feet in pot. Turn to high heat. When water boiled, flip pig’s feet over and braise for another minute or 2. Then turn off the heat. Take pig’s feet out. Rinse and drain. 

3. Add clean water in clay pot and put pig’s feet in again. Also put in soaked soy beans, several ginger slices, and star anise. Turn to low height. Cover the pot with lid and slow cook for 2 hours.

4. Before serving, sprinkle some salt and chopped spring onion.

My husband loves it.


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