Homemade Meatball & Meatball Spaghetti 

For meatball:

Minced pork 300g

Egg 1

Salt  1 tsp

Black pepper powder  1/2 tsp

Small onion 1 ( chopped and pan-fried first)

Bread crumbs 40g

Garlic powder 1/2 tsp
Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl by hand.

Then make small meatballs.

Heat a little olive oil in the pan. Fry meatballs till golden brown. Then take them out.

Heat the oil left in the pan. Add in chopped garlic ( 2 cloves) and sauté.

Pour in pasta sauce ( I used around 170 g). And I also added 2 tsp water. Stir well.

Add meatballs in pasta sauce. Turn to low heat and keep stirring till sauce becomes very condensed.

Put cooked spaghetti into sauce. Sprinkle some black pepper granulate and mix well.

Serve with parsley and grate cheese.

My husband loves it very much.


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