Stuffed Bittergourd

It’s a simple dish to cook. Just stuff bittergourd with minced pork and steam.

For the minced pork, pls refer to:

Cut bittergourd into thick rings, around 3 cm. Remove the seeds and white part with a spoon. Stuff bittergourd rings with seasoned minced pork.

Heat a little oil in the pan.

Fry stuffed bittergourd to let the minced pork gets firm. Just fry each side till a bit golden brown.

Steam them for 15-20 mins. Meat juice will come out after steaming. Don’t discard it.

Sauté minced garlic in a sauce pan. Pour the meat juice from steaming into the sauce pan. Turn to medium heat. Add in severely wolf-berries, 1 tbs sugar. Dissolve 1/2 tsp corn starch in 1 tablespoon water. And also add starch water in. Keep stirring till it gets a bit condensed.

Pour the sauce over bittergourd.


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