Ginger Milk Curd

Ginger milk curd (姜撞奶 jiang zhuang nai)is a popular dessert in Guangdong area.


Milk 120g

Fresh ginger juice 20g (if you don’t want it to be very strong, you can cut down a bit.)

Sugar 15g

1. Pour milk into a pot. Turn to low heat.

2. When small bubbles show up around the pot, add in sugar. Slowly stir to let sugar dissolve.

3. Turn off the heat. Set aside to cool down a bit till around 70 degree C.

4. Put ginger juice in a bowl. Quickly pour milk into ginger juice. Cover the bowl with a lid for 2 mins.

The milk ginger curd is done. The surface is already solidifried, and looks like bean curd. Very soft.

If you are a girl and you are suffering painful menstruation, you can try this dish. It will make you feel warm, especially your tummy. 🙂


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