Scrambled Eggs With Pea Seedlings

1. Prepare all the ingredients:

3 beaten eggs

1 small pack of pea seedlings around 200g

2 chopped cloves of garlic



Light soy sauce

Cooking wine

2. Heat a little oil in the pan. When the oil is heated, pour in beaten egg. Once bottom egg solidifies, stir egg with chopsticks. Set them in plate when scrambled egg is done.

3. Heat oil in the pan again. Sauté garlic till aromatic. Add in all the pea seedlings. Stir fry for around 2 mins or till pea seedlings becomes dark green and soft.

4. Add in 1 tsp cooking wine to remove the grass smell. Also add in 1 tsp light soy sauce. Stir fry a bit.

5. Add in scrambled egg. Stir fry evenly. Season with salt and serve hot.


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