Brazil Churrasco

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday.  He wanted to try this restaurant since half year ago. Can you IMAGINE???

Because it was quite close to Valentine’s day. Restaurants are very difficult to reserve especially those good ones. Last year, I tried to make a reservation in an Italian restaurant and failed. I had no choice but to change to another one. This year, I got better prepared and revered this restaurant almost 12 days before.

It’s located @ sixth avenue. Quite near to MRT station and easy to find.

What did we have in this Brazilian Restaurant? MEAT! Or to be more precisely, all kinds of MEAT!!!

WE chose full dinner, which costs S$52 per person. It’s kind of like a buffet, but not same as the regular buffet that we grab a plate and take whatever food we like.

Staffs are friendly. As we were just seated, some sauce and small bread, Which I believe is Brazilian  cheese bread were served. Sauce on the left contains onion, bell pepper and vinegar, I think. As it tastes very sour. Sauce on the right is mint sauce.

Oh, and also the nice creamy mushroom soup.

Drink is not included, so we have to make an extra order of drinks.

And here is what the birthday boy chose:

Caipirinha. A kind of cocktail. Actually, we are not the alcohol type. To me, it tastes bitter and strong. Beer is also strong to me. So… It does taste special.

And the price is S$14.7

There is a salad bar in the restaurant. I didn’t take the picture.

I found this pic online

Related image


My husband took a big plate of salad from there. Fried mushroom is really nice. We kind of regret having so much salad, because the meat afterwards really really WOW!

Chiefs bring meat from the kitchen and approach to the table, telling us what meat that is and asking whether we would like some.

Image result for brazil churrasco


They just carry that big skewer and sharp knife walking around to each table. If you want some, they will cut 1 or 2 slices for you into your plate. Then they carry that giant skewer back to the kitchen to roast the meat again. Everytime, they just walk out with the fresh roasted meat. Whole restaurant is full of sizzling and fragrance.

(I really put a lot of efforts when writing this blog, because I need to put heavy mosaic to wipe out my husband. Yes, that mosaic is my husband.)

They have beef, lamb, chicken, duck, ham. And surprisingly, they have chicken heart and chicken liver. So juicy, tender and you may need to drink a lot of water. πŸ™‚

We almost full after the first round and tasting everything. For the second round, they also bring something new. Fish really looks like tofu.

And My husband’s favourite pineapple!

It’s really good to have some sweet and sourish pineapple after so much meat.

It’s really a meat lover’s heaven. And also a good place to go with friends and family. The experience is new to us and my husband is very happy with his birthday dinner there.

Staffs are very nice. They also tell us to have lamb with mint sauce. Very warm-hearted.

Probably for the next days, we don’t need to have any meat. πŸ™‚



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