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Good Food In Ipoh

From Monday to Wednesday this week, my husband and I went to Ipoh, a city in Malaysia. Before we went there, The only thing I knew about Ipoh was that it’s famous for food. Actually, I didn’t have high expectation about this trip. Because it’s also easy to find those food in Singapore. How different can it be? The flight from Singapore to Ipoh is about 1 hour. Ipoh’s airport is very small and old. We arrived in the morning, so breakfast was the beginning of our food discovery journey in Ipoh.

  1. Ming Court (Dim Sum)

We chose this Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum. Turns out we made the right choice.

There were so many kinds of dim sum for you to choose.

From ciang fun to wanton to shumai, etc.

This is my personal favorite. Tastes like mochi but more chewy. Filling inside is peanut sugar and outside is peanut powder. Very nice.

This restaurant is very popular. We went there at around 9 am. The place was very crowded. Really hard to find a seat.

2. Nam Heong

On the second day, we had breakfast here in Nam Heong. We went there at around 8 am. Again, it’s full of people already.

Nam Heong is famous for its white coffee and egg tart. My husband said its white coffee’s the best he’s ever had. Egg tarts are freshly baked. Very nice. You have to wait for it.

We also ordered kaya toast, Lo Bak Go and half-cooked egg on the toast.

Price is quite cheap.

3. Restoran Thean Chun

This’s where we had our breakfast on the third day.

Apart from white coffee, Ipoh is also famous for Hor Fun.

Shrimp soup Chicken Hot Fun is the signature dish here. Price is about RM 3. Very cheap. Soup is nice, Hot fun is nice, Everything is perfect.

We also ordered bean sprout as side dish.

Because It takes a while to cook hor fun, we ordered Ciang Fun at the next stall.

Why we humans only have 1 stomach? That’s my biggest question after I came to Ipoh.

4. Old Town White Coffee

There are also Old Town White Coffee in Singapore. There happens to be one cafe near our hotel, so we went there and tried their white coffee.

I never drank coffee before I came to Ipoh. I never expected I would love coffee one day.

5. Lou Wong  (Bean Sprout Chicken)

Another dish you must try in Ipoh.

Tender and juicy chicken. Sweet and crunchy bean sprouts. Flavorful clear soup Hor Fun. I’m so jealous of people live in Ipoh. Why the hor fun here is so nice. I never like hor fun that much before.

6. Pushing (Seafood)

This restaurant is a bit expensive compared to other restaurants. It serves very nice seafood.

We ordered half chicken ( very big portion), fried prawns and char siew pork belly.

7. Lim Ko Pi

My husband ordered curry mee.

I chose Char siew wanton noodles.

8. Tau Fu Fa

This Concubine Lane Tau Fu Fa. It’s Located in Concubine Lane. furniture are made up of wooden stools. Their tau fu fa is served hot and there is a variety for you to choose from. I ordered their Bird Nest Tau Fu Fa. And my husband ordered their signature Teow Chew Tau Fu Fa.

Shashlik Restaurant – A Russian Restaurant in Singapore

My husband and I both rest on Wednesday. And we made Wednesday our food hunting day. We would go around in the city and try to find good food on this day.  My husband wanted to try Russian food for a long time, because he used to have a colleague from Russia. And that colleague mentioned that he couldn’t find authentic Russian food in Singapore. And that brought up my husband’s curiosity. What Russian food tastes like?

He found this Russian restaurant online: Shashlik Restaurant. Located at 545 Orchard Road, #06-19 Far East Shopping Centre, 238882

We went there today for lunch.

The environment is very quiet and cozy.

Staff there are very friendly and nice.

They have set lunch with very fair price: S$ 16.8. Which includes 1 main course, 1 soup and 1 drink (coffee or tea). 

They only have oxtail stew on Wed’s set lunch. So lucky us!

We ordered borsch soup and oxtail stew. My husband chose coffee, and I chose tea.

After ordering, staff put fresh, fragrant and warm bread into our plate and also with butter.

The bread is super yummy, very soft and I can smell its fragrance from a far distance.

Then here comes our soup. Actually, there is another soup option, mushroom soup. But we both think we already had mushroom many times, and we would like to try borsch soup.

Sour cream is optional. Staff will ask whether you want or not.

Soup is very creamy and rich. There’s a heavy rain in the morning and weather is cool. That soup really warmed me up. And there is a big chunk of beef.

Oxtail stew is amazing. I never cooked oxtail. But I think I will give it a try.

Beef is extremely flavorful and soft. It can fall off the bone easily. My husband was totally attracted by this dish. I spare one piece of oxtail  with him. 🙂

At last is the coffee and tea, served with very cute cookie.

According to my husband, the chef there used to work with real Russian chef. They used to have another restaurant, but that one closed. And the chef opened this one. Some people say this restaurant’s Russian food is not 100% authentic, and they may do some change on the recipe to cater to Singaporean’s taste.

Well, to us, whether it’s 100% Russian or not is not that important. What really matters is their food is good and we had a good meal and good time there. 🙂

The Best Prata Shop So Far

I should’ve done this blog long time ago. I love roti prata. I even buy frozen prata and store in my fridge. I also tried many prata shops including hawker store or Indian restaurant. I have to say this prata shop is the best so far!

The shop is called The Roti Prata Gouse Pte, Ltd. And it’s located @  246 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574370.

My husband and I have been there twice, even though it’s kind of far away from where we live. Many people came there to eat.

Here is the menu with many kinds  of prata and other dishes. And the price is quite fair.

The first time, my husband ordered bomb kaya  prata. It just blow our mind. We never know kaya can go so well with prata. I used to dislike sweet prata, but this kaya one definitely changed my mind.

I ordered roti john. It’s also very nice. But compared to the bomb kaya prata, it’s not that surprisingly good.

The second time, we went there during Chinese New Year. Because we seldom went that area, it’s a good chance for us to dine in that prata shop again.

I ordered coin prata. There were 5 of them and served with curry.

Prata was still hot and crispy. I could have more of them.

My husband ordered this egg prata.

Served with this dipping sauce.

I like my coin prata more. 🙂

And don’t miss the teh tarik. My husband is a big fan. He ordered it both times.

And I like the honey lime.

If you are also a prata fan, you can go and try this prata shop one day.

Indonesian Local Food @ Lagoi Bay

Everytime my husband and I go to a new place, we will definitely try the local food. During our stay in Bintan, Indonesia, we also want to try more local food other than Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng. As I mentioned before, the food in the hotel is not very nice, we plan to have food outside the resorts. And there is free shuttle bus from our hotel Angsana to Lagoi Bay. We took the late afternoon bus to go there. I was thinking about seeing sunset there. Yet, when we got there, it’s almost dark. Too bad we missed sunset.

Famous love lock @ Lagoi Bay

We chose a restaurant just in front of the beach and sea – Warung Yeah.

There were also many tourists having dinner there except us. We hose a seat outside just facing the sea and beach.

For the drink, my husband ordered fresh coconut water. (He’s a big fan). I ordered mango and lemon squash.

Very refreshing.

My husband also ordered one more drink. He told me the drink’s name is Bintan Coco Drink.

I must say, it’s very sweet.

For the food, we ordered the first one Sego Tahu. And it looks ike this.

It’s a tofu dish. The specialty lies in sauce. Sweet and spicy. My husband loves it.

We also ordered a grilled round fish. Outside skin tastes a bit spicy. Flavor goes in so the inside fish is also very tasty. Dipping it in the Indonesian special chili sauce just makes it more yummy.

Here is my favorite Indonesian finger food, called Jajanan Pasar. Outside layer is banana leaf. Sticky rice is wrapped by it. And the filing inside rice is chicken and vegetable. It’s really special. I guess I love all the sticky rice snacks.

The price is very reasonable compared to hotel. And you can enjoy the sea view at the same time.

Brazil Churrasco

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday.  He wanted to try this restaurant since half year ago. Can you IMAGINE???

Because it was quite close to Valentine’s day. Restaurants are very difficult to reserve especially those good ones. Last year, I tried to make a reservation in an Italian restaurant and failed. I had no choice but to change to another one. This year, I got better prepared and revered this restaurant almost 12 days before.

It’s located @ sixth avenue. Quite near to MRT station and easy to find.

What did we have in this Brazilian Restaurant? MEAT! Or to be more precisely, all kinds of MEAT!!!

WE chose full dinner, which costs S$52 per person. It’s kind of like a buffet, but not same as the regular buffet that we grab a plate and take whatever food we like.

Staffs are friendly. As we were just seated, some sauce and small bread, Which I believe is Brazilian  cheese bread were served. Sauce on the left contains onion, bell pepper and vinegar, I think. As it tastes very sour. Sauce on the right is mint sauce.

Oh, and also the nice creamy mushroom soup.

Drink is not included, so we have to make an extra order of drinks.

And here is what the birthday boy chose:

Caipirinha. A kind of cocktail. Actually, we are not the alcohol type. To me, it tastes bitter and strong. Beer is also strong to me. So… It does taste special.

And the price is S$14.7

There is a salad bar in the restaurant. I didn’t take the picture.

I found this pic online

Related image


My husband took a big plate of salad from there. Fried mushroom is really nice. We kind of regret having so much salad, because the meat afterwards really really WOW!

Chiefs bring meat from the kitchen and approach to the table, telling us what meat that is and asking whether we would like some.

Image result for brazil churrasco


They just carry that big skewer and sharp knife walking around to each table. If you want some, they will cut 1 or 2 slices for you into your plate. Then they carry that giant skewer back to the kitchen to roast the meat again. Everytime, they just walk out with the fresh roasted meat. Whole restaurant is full of sizzling and fragrance.

(I really put a lot of efforts when writing this blog, because I need to put heavy mosaic to wipe out my husband. Yes, that mosaic is my husband.)

They have beef, lamb, chicken, duck, ham. And surprisingly, they have chicken heart and chicken liver. So juicy, tender and you may need to drink a lot of water. 🙂

We almost full after the first round and tasting everything. For the second round, they also bring something new. Fish really looks like tofu.

And My husband’s favourite pineapple!

It’s really good to have some sweet and sourish pineapple after so much meat.

It’s really a meat lover’s heaven. And also a good place to go with friends and family. The experience is new to us and my husband is very happy with his birthday dinner there.

Staffs are very nice. They also tell us to have lamb with mint sauce. Very warm-hearted.

Probably for the next days, we don’t need to have any meat. 🙂


Food Hunting @ Alexandra Food Village

My husband and I were planning to go food hunting at Alexandra food village for a long time. Today we finally have a chance to go there.

There are so many hawker centers in Singapore. We haven’t tried many. And there are also many good & cheap food hidden in the hawker center. As food hunting is what we would like to do during our free time, we will definitely not want to miss them.

Alexandra Food Village is not the biggest hawker center, but it still big with many food stalls worth trying. But some of stalls close on Mondays.

The first dish recommended online is claypot Laksa.

This stall is famous and it was even Bib Gourmand Award Winner of the 2016 MICHELIN guide.

I still remember very clearly the first time I came to Singapore, I just fell in love with Laksa. I loved Laksa so much that I had to have it again in the airport before I got on the airplane.

This is the first time I try Laksa served in claypot, so is my husband.

The smell is so so incredible. Soup is creamy. Noodles are tasty. Taupok (similar to tofu) is fatty and juicy. Shrimps and cockles are fresh and tender. Everything is just perfect. Definitely best Laksa I’ve ever had. And the price is quite reasonable. Medium size pot is S$5.

We also tried Char Siew Rice. The stall is located at the corner.

I have to be honest, the Char siew & Roasted Pork rice doesn’t look very appealing. But, it tastes amazing.

Pork is very crispy outside, you can hear the crunchy sound in your mouth.

The gravy is super. It makes every grain of rice so tasty. My husband said it’s the best Char Siew Rice he’s ever had.

Price is S$4.

Avocado drink is highly recommended, which is not expected by us. Neither my husband nor I am avocado lover. We decided to give it a try though.

We chose this King Avocado shop. And my husband ordered avocado milk shake.

Price S$3.

I took the first sip. I think I changed my opinion on avocado immediately. My husband looked at me like I was too exaggerated. Then he tried. Seriously, I saw his eyes just sparkled. 🙂 Both of us started to doubt it’s really the same fruit we dislike. Suddenly, avocado milk shake became my husband’s favorite drink.

Some shops close on Mondays. So we didn’t have the chance to try claypot chicken rice. On our way back to bus station, we found a famous Kueh shop, Poh Cheu.

It sells handmade Kueh.

We orders 3 Kueh. From left to right: Ang Ku Kueh (coffee filling), Soon (bamboo shoot) Kueh and gu chye (chives) Kueh. Soon Kueh and Gu Chye Kueh are savory.

My favorite is this Ang Ku Kueh and the coffee filling is very special. My husband also loves it most.

Price: S1-1.3/each.

Hangout @ Chinatown

Well, today I have one day off and my husband also has time. We planned to go to Chinatown and have lunch there. He wanted to try a nasi lemak restaurant there. It’s the first time for us to go to Chinatown and hunt for non-Chinese food.

Chinatown of Singapore is really close to to the CBD. You can actually walk from Chinatown to CBD and also see blocks of tall buildings from Chinatown.

There are many places to have nice food in Chinatown, such as Amoy Street and Chinatown Food Street.

Chinatown has many traditional buildings of Nanyang style.

The restaurant we went is at Ann Siang Rd.

There are many bars, restaurants and cafes there.

The blue restaurant is the one we were going.

The Coconut Club.

It is not a very big restaurant. Their signature dish is nasi lemak, which can be told from the menu.

Actually, the price is more expensive than nasi lemak sold in other places. We can usually buy nasi lemak at around S$4 and even below. But still, this place is very popular. It was lunch time, many office workers came here for lunch. And I could see a long line waiting outside. My husband and I ordered 2 signature nasi lemak. We waited for a quite long time.

The big plate of rice, chicken, sambal chili sauce, fried peanuts & anchovy, egg and cucumber proves it is worth waiting.

Rice is full of coconut milk flavor and not too strong. ( I just realized what is wrong with the nasi lemak I cooked. I added in too much coconut milk into the rice.) Chicken is juicy and tender. The only thing I’m not so pleased with is the egg is very tiny. 😦  I love Sambal chili sauce. The whole plate is a big portion. I could’t finish my chicken and asked my husband to help me finish it.

After nasi lemak, we also tried the dessert there.

My husband ordered Cendol:

Topped with Adzuki Red Bean. Full of creamy coconut milk and sticky gula Melaka (a kind of coconut sugar in brown color). My husband said it’s the best Cendol he’s ever had in Singapore.

I ordered Kueh (a Malay word means “cake”).

I really like the green & blue one. The upper layer is soft and melt in your mouth and the bottom layer is made of sticky rice. The small cake wrapped with coconut flakes on the right is too sweet to me.

After this satisfying lunch, we just found the cafe across the street.

Nanyang Old Coffee. A cafe my husband wanted to try a long time ago.

We went there. My husband ordered a cup of Yuanyang coffee. And I ordered Ang Ku Kueh.

I am not a coffee lover. My husband review towards his coffee was “not bad”. As to my Ang Ku Kueh, I chose green bean paste filling. It’s also not bad.

Finished coffee, we just wandered in Chinatown. Because Chinese New Year is coming in around 2 weeks or even less than 2 weeks.  The main color in Chinatown is Red.

Red lanterns.

Red Spring Couplets and Chinese New Year decorations.

Since 2019 is pig year according to Chinese Zodiac, Pig is also a regular element in gift shops or in the street.

Chinese New Year is a big festival for Chinese. We prepare lots of food. So you can see piles of snacks are there.

Many shops gave free samples when you pass by. We get black peanuts to try.

Apart from so many things to say, Chinatown is heaven to foodie. I think all Chinese cuisine can be found here: Sichuan, Hunan, Northeast. No matter hot pot, Raosted duck, or seafood. We tried some of them before, I must say they taste authentic.

Ohhhhh, I’m hungry again……

Probably the Best Yong Tau Foo I’ve Ever Had

Yong Tau Foo is a Hakka Chinese cuisine. Yet, I have never tried it in China before. Yong Tau Foo stall is quite similar to Chinese spicy hot pot (malatang). All the meat, vegetables and seafood are displayed on shelves. Customers can choose whatever they want to add in their Yong Tau Foo. The main difference I guess lies in cooking method. Malatang (麻辣烫) includes 3 Chinese words. 麻 (ma)means numb, it refers to the feeling caused by pungent spices like Sichuan pepper corn. 辣(la)means spicy, it refers to chili, chili powder and chili oil. 烫(tang)means hot. Because malatang is always served very hot. I still remember when I had social linguistic class, my teacher taught us malatang could be translated as “3 hots”: hot, hot, hot. 🙂

I have tried Yong Tau Foo several times after I came here. Since I really missed malatang and I couldn’t find it here in Singapore ( now I can find some). And also because I can choose my favorite vegetables to make my unique Yong Tau Foo.

Today, out of some reasons, my husband took me to Rochor. We have a habit. Whenever we go to some place we don’t often go to, we search good food there. And we call it “food hunting”. Google map told us there is a good hawker center “Albert Center”. How we decide which stall to try is very simple. We just observe which stall has a long queuing line. And this stall definitely has the longest line in front of it.

There is only “百年” (a hundred years old) on the signboard. We were very curious and found it a Yong Tau Foo stall. Why are so many people waiting there? We wanted to figure it out. And my husband queued, I went to find a seat. And wait, and wait and wait……

And here finally comes the Yong Tau Foo.

This one is different from the ones I had before. This stall doesn’t have shelves with meat and vegetables on it. Their set contains soup, glass noodles, tofu, fish cake, shrimp, meatball and bitter gourd. The first sip of soup really amazed me.

Soup is light, but also tastes a bit sweet. Tofu is so fatty and juicy. Both my husband and I couldn’t resist the soup.

And fried chicken is also included in the set.

Crispy shell, tender and juicy meat.

Whole set is S$5.80. Totally worth it.

My husband told me Rochor is famous for beancurd  dessert. Since we don’t come here often, we definitely need to try the beancurd.

We chose this stall. My favorite is red bean. too bad, red bean is sold out. So we tried Lotus ginko beancurd.

We loved it!!!