Crispy Fried Chicken

I seldomly cook deep fried food, because it wastes too much oil, and the kitch will become greasy.

So when I prepared for this dish, I really thinker very hard to use oil as less as I can.

1. Cut chicken into small pieces. I made them one-bite size. And I chose boneless chicken leg.

2. Marinate chicken with minced garlic & Ginger, a little salt and black pepper powder and cooking wine. For about 15 minutes.

3. Coated chicken with egg and then frying powder.

4. Heat oil in a small pot. I just add oil half height of the chicken piece. Try the heat with a chopstick, if there are many small bubbles showing up around the chopstick, it means the oil’s heat is OK!

5. Start frying till the surface turns golden brown.

Just marinate with a little salt. Cos I forgot salt already exists in frying powder. So my fried chicken is a bit salty. But it’s crisp.


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