Mashed Potato

Potatoes peeled off and steamed or boiled.

Mash them in a large bowl. Then add in some vegetables bits. ( I used carrot, sweet peas and corn. Boiled already). Mix them well. Add in a little salt and black pepper powder.

If you also fry steak as I did. Don’t throw away the butter left in the pan.

Heat the butter again. Put in onion and carrot slices. Keep stir frying till carrots get a little burnt. Then add in water covers all ingredients in the pan. Cook for around 5 minutes. Then take all the carrot and onion out. Just leave sauce in the pan. Add some flour and oil in a bowl, mix them well. Then add the batter into the pan. Keep stirring till the sauce gets condensed. If you think it’s a bit plain, you can add a little salt. Then pour the sauce onto mashed potato in the plate.


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