Ge Da Soup

It’s a traditional soup in China. When I was little, my mom always cooked me this soup, especially in cold weather or when I was sick.

It also has an interesting name. Ge Da in Chinese means a lump, a knot, even means pimple on face. But here it means the flour in the soup. Because the flour will become many small lumps.

There are many kinds of ge da soup, and there are also ge da soup restaurants in China. Tomato and egg ge da soup is probably the most common one.

1. Prepare a half bowl of flour.

2. Add a little water in the flour.

3. Stir flour with a chopstick very quickly till flour lumps are shaped.

4. Heat a little oil in the pan. Put in tomato pieces. ( I used 2 large tomatoes, peeled off and chopped into small pieces).

5. Stir fry tomato a little, then add in 2 bowls of water. Cover the pan with lid.

6. When water boiled and tomato soup becomes a little condensed, add in all the flour lumps ( flour ge da). Stir with chopsticks, in case they stick together.

7. When the flour lumps are cooked. Beat an egg in a bowl, stir evenly. Then pour egg into the pan, while pouring, you should also keep stirring with chopsticks. 

8. Add in spring onion pieces and salt.

If you like, you can also add a little sesame oil to your soup.

The flour ge da ( lump) tastes very chewy. When I was little, I liked finding ge da in the soup. It’s very interesting to me.

Chinese people do love tomato and egg. We make them into soup and dish. We also make them go well with rice and noodles.

If you notice the Olympic Games, you will find even Chinese athletes wear red and yellow. Chinese netizens call that tomato and egg color. πŸ™‚


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