Fried Creamy Custard

It’s a very popular dessert in China. I remember I had it when I was very little. Crispy outside, creamy and soft inside.


Milk 250g

Corn starch 30g

Sugar 25g

Put all these three ingredients in a sauce pan. Heat it and bring to boil. Turn to low heat. Keep stirring and it will become more and more condensed. When there is no flowing milk and bubbles start to come out, turn off the heat.

Prepare a container, line it with plastic wrap. Pour the custard inside. Flatten the surface with a spoon.

Cover the container with a lid and put into fridge.

When the custard is ready, it will be as firm as tofu. Cut it into shapes you like, cubes or long strips. Sprinkle flour over them. Make them evenly be coated with flour. Then dip in the egg and bread crumbs. Deep fry till golden brown.

Inside is soft like silky tofu. But it’s sweet, so it also tastes like ice cream.

It’s the first time for my husband to try it, he loves it very much.


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